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How to Acquire Permits for Oversize Loads

An over dimensional load is any type of load that exceeds the legal road regulations for transport. This can be an oversize load, overweight load, overlength load, or wide load. It can also be a super load. The reason load sizes are regulated is because the larger the load, the more dangerous the transport becomes. This is true not only for the transport team, but for other motorists on the road as well. There are several types of permits available, depending on the type of load being transported. A logistics agent with Wide Load Shipping will pull the permits for your load, ensuring FDOT laws and regulations are adhered to. 

Wide Load Shipping has a dedicated team with the skills and knowledge to pull your oversize load permits quickly and efficiently. The permits required to transport your over dimensional load are specific, so having someone knowledgeable to pull the right ones will save you time and money. The wrong permits, or not acquiring permits at all, can result in dangerous transport situations, and hefty fines. Wide Load Shipping ensures that all permits are correct and good to go for your oversize transport. Find out more by calling our Wide Load Shipping team today! (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Some Types of Over Dimensional Load Transport Permits

  • Single Trip Oversize/Overweight Permits
  • Single Trip Oversize Load City and County Permits
  • Super load Permits
  • Trip and Fuel Permits
  • Annual Oversize/Overweight Permits
  • Non Divisible Load Permits
  • Divisible Load Permits
  • Over width Permits