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2024 Missouri Oversize Permits and Regulations

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Missouri Oversize and Overweight Permits

Contact (877) 792-5056 for Oversize Permits in Missouri.
Are you transporting an oversize or overweight load in Missouri? Wide Load Shipping is here to help you acquire the necessary shipping permits to avoid fines. Our logistics agents are familiar with the process and the necessary permits based on the weight and dimensions of your load. Here is more information about limits, superloads, and pilot cars. Shipping a telehandler in Missouri

Oversize Load Limits in Missouri

Missouri maximum load limits before trucking permits are required.
  • Length: 53 feet.
  • Width:  8 feet  6 inches.
  • Height: 13 feet 6 inches.
  • Weight: 80,000 pounds GVW.

When Pilot Cars or Escort Vehicles Are Required in Missouri

Heavy-haul or oversize loads may be required to be accompanied by an escort vehicle or pilot car if:
  • Length: 90 feet overall length requires 1 rear/ chase pilot car or escort vehicle if the highway is not divided.
  • Width: 12 feet and under requires no escort. 12 feet and 4 inches will require 1 rear/chase escort vehicle. 1 escort vehicle and 1 pilot car are required on non-designated roads.
  • Height: 15 feet 6 inches on 2 lane undivided roads requires a high pole pilot car. 15 feet on divided highways requires 1 pilot car with a height pole. May need a route survey and bucket trucks.
  • Overhang: Anytime the length of the load exceeds 53 feet 1 pilot car is required. Over 90 feet overall may require 1 pilot car and 1 escort.
NOTES: If the shipment consists of 2 dimensions being over the legal limits 1 pilot car and 1 escort vehicle are required.

What’s the Cost of Trucking Permits In Missouri?

Below is a list of accurate oversize and overweight permits in Missouri. Wide Load Shipping has a team of qualified specialists to help you acquire permits for your loads. Call us at (877) 792-5056.
  • Single trip oversize permits in Missouri (including pre-issue): $15
  • Single trip oversize permits for loads in excess of 16 feet in width, 16 feet in height, or 150 feet in length $250
  • Farm implements multi-stop oversize permit: $25
  • Single trip overweight permit for loads upto 160,000 pounds: $15 plus $20 per every 10,000lbs in excess of the legal gross weight
  • Single trip overweight permit for loads in excess of 160,000 pounds: $15 plus $20 per every 10,000lbs in excess of the legal gross weight, bridge and road analysis fee of $425 for moves of between 0 to 50 miles, $625 for 51 to 200 miles, and $925 for over 200 miles
  • Annual overweight blanket emergency permit (round trip): $624 (fee is prorated quarterly)
  • Annual oversize single commodity blanket emergency permit: $128 (fee is prorated quarterly)
  • Annual oversize multiple commodity blanket emergency permit: $400 (fee is prorated quarterly)
  • Annual blanket overweight well drillers or concrete pump truck permit: $300 (fee is prorated quarterly)
  • Monthly blanket permit: $300
  • Highway crossing permit: $250
  • Project permit: $125
  • Revisions: $2
We Offer Trucking Permits in the Following Cities in Missouri; Kansas City, MO; Saint Louis, MO; Springfield, MO; Columbia, MO; Independence, MO; Lee’s Summit, MO; Branson, MO; Jefferson City, MO; Ballwin, MO; Saint Joseph, MO; St. Peters, MO; Blue Springs, MO; Florissant, MO; Joplin, MO; Chesterfield, MO; Jeffersonfield City, MO; Wentzville, MO; Cape Girardeau, MO; Oakville, MO; Wildwood, MO. University City, MO; Liberty, MO; Ballwin, MO; Raytown, MO; Mehlville, MO; We Offer Trucking Permits in the Following Counties in Missouri; St. Louis County; Jackson County; St. Charles County; St. Louis city/county; Greene County; Clay County; Jefferson County; Boone County; Jasper County; Cass County; Platte County; Franklin County; Christian County; Buchanan County; Cape Girardeau County; Cole County; St. Francois County; Lincoln County; Newton County; Taney County; Johnson County; Pulaski County ; Phelps County; Callaway County; Camden County ; Pettis County ; Butler County; Howell County ; Webster County; Scott County; Lawrence County; Laclede County; Warren County ; Barry County ; Lafayette County; Polk County; Stone County;

Oversize and Overweight Permit Limits in Missouri

Here’s the maximum weight your load can be, even with a permit in Missouri:
  • Single Axle Weight Permits: 20,000 pounds
  • Tandem axles Weight Permits: 46,000 pounds
  • Tridem axles Weight Permits: 60,000 pounds
  • Quadem axles Weight Permits: 72,000 pounds
  • Five axle Weight Permits: 104,000 pounds
  • Six axle Weight Permits: 120,000 pounds
  • Seven axle Weight Permits: 130,000 pounds
  • Eight axle Weight Permits: 160,000 pounds
  • Nine axle Weight Permits: 156,000 pounds
Below are the maximum dimensions a load can be even with a permit in the state of Missouri:
  • Max Length With Permit: 120 feet
  • Maximum Width With Permit: 14 feet
  • Maximum Height With Permit: 14’6 feet
Please refer to the super load section if your overweight or oversize load exceeds any of these dimensions or 180,000 pounds. Any permitted load with weight is subject to a detailed bridge analysis.

Missouri Superloads Information

Requirements for extra-heavy or over-dimensional (superloads in Missouri): All superload shipments are required to have a minimum of 2 million dollars in single-limit combined liability insurance. For simplicity, a superload in Missouri is any shipment in excess of the above dimensions or weights listed above in “routine”. For complete details of state laws.

Pilot Car and Escort Vehicle Requirements and Certifications in Missouri

In order to operate a pilot car or escort vehicle in Missouri, you are required to have a minimum of the following: Missouri state laws say pilot car/escort vehicles must be a standard size and have unrestricted vision in the front and rear. The vehicle must be in safe operating condition. “Oversize Load” signs must be displayed towards the front or rear, whichever is applicable. Signs must not be visible when not in service. Signs must be a minimum of 5 feet in length and 1 foot in height. Signs must have a yellow background color with thick (1-inch minimum) black clear, professional print quality lettering. All escort vehicles must be equipped with safety-colored red or orange fluorescent flags mounted on both sides of the front of lead pilot car vehicles or both rear sides of chase escort vehicles. All vehicles involved in shipment must have 2-way radio capabilities. Insurance requirements must be a minimum of $50,000 for personal injury per person. $200,000 for accident/property damage and/or combined single limit liability of $250,000. NOTE: Flaggers or any person directing or altering traffic is required to have a “flaggers certification” and be flagger certified.

Oversize Load Travel Restrictions in Missouri

Travel is restricted if over 12’ 4” wide in most areas to 6:30 am (or a half-hour after sunrise) until 9:00 am, then resume at 3:30 pm until 6:00 pm (or a half-hour before sunset). If over 14’ wide no movement on Saturday or Sunday at all.  You may move Monday thru Friday but only. For now, consider this info as a basic guideline for estimates only. Please call the State of Missouri for exact laws. And always be sure to read the instructions on your permit(s).

Recent Load Hauled in Missouri

  • Freight: CAT D8N DOZER
  • Origin: Sumrall, MS 39482
  • Destination: St. Charles, MO 63301
  • Specs: 20L x 13W x 11.30H
  • Weight: 85,000lbs

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