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Oversize Trucking Permits

Oversize or heavy haul trucking permits? Trip permits? Fuel permits? IFTA?

Fire truck required oversize trucking permits.

Heavy haul shipment. This particular shipment is of a fire truck loaded onto a step deck trailer. While it’s not oversize, it is heavy. In order to ship it,  heavy haul trucking permits are required.


If you need trucking permits you found them.

Most websites will say anything to get you to call or click. Well, in this case that’s absolutely not the case. Too many companies use our services. We’d just be another web chump if we farmed you off to the highest paying advertiser. Highway permits will give you excellent (the best) personal customer service. They’re also not going to smoke you on fees. Enough of that, you just found the best of the best. Find out the rest for yourself. We suggest you mention who referred you as well. We’ve been in the industry a very long time and have a excellent reputation ourselves.

State trip and fuel permits as well as oversize and heavy-haul trucking permit turnaround times have improved and in many cases carriers can secure their permits online very quickly. However, it is a good idea to have an experienced team on your side. Highway Permits has excellently trained oversize and heavy-haul permit agents. They stay current with United States and Canada regulations and are continually finding ways to improve their partner’s experience. We highly recommend them and have a working relationship with them that extends to you. We’d both appreciate it if you’d mention us!


We do much more than oversize trucking permits.

Highway Permits also provides additional services:

  • Authority address change If your address for your transportation/trucking company changes you will need to have it updated with the federal government on your federal motor carrier authority within 10 days. We take care of all of the paperwork and filing for you for a small fee considering what it takes to get it done.
  • Authority Name Change If you’d like to change anything relative to your company name that in any way deviates from the one you have registered on your federal motor carrier authority you will need to have your records updated to reflect this change. We’ll take care of the re-filing so you can focus on running your company for a small fee.
  • Brokerage Authority –  Assigned a Motor Carrier (MC) number an a BOC-3 filing.
  • Contract AuthorityAssigned a Motor Carrier (MC) number, US DOT number and BOC-3 filing.
  • Common AuthorityAssigned a Motor Carrier (MC) number, USDOT number and BOC-3 filing.
  • Expedited AuthorityAccelerated Motor Carrier Authority letter that is required from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). It does not however accelerate required time that it takes for the FMCSA to grant your Motor Carrier Authority. You will still be required to wait for the “protest” period which is required and lasts for a period of 15-20 days and can’t be waived. However every other aspect of your paperwork will be immediately expedited.
  • Federal EIN number filing – FREE. If you are running a business and do not wish to do it with your social security number you can have a EIN number assigned to all of the transactions your business completes. A good way to separate business from your personal life and highly recommended for doing business. Let us take care of this for you.
  • Kentucky KYU license – For any carrier that will operate within or through the state of Kentucky that has a GVW of over 60,000 pounds you will be required to have a KYU license number. NOTE: if your license has been cancelled for any reason you will be required to have a surety bond on file.
  • New Mexico Weight-Distance permit – Required for any carrier that will operate within or through the state of New Mexico. We take the work out of dealing with the state permit offices so you can stay focused on what you do best.
  • New York state HUT Numbers  – Required by the state of New York for any carrier that will operate within or through the state of New York that has a GVW over 18,000 pounds. Let us deal with this for you so you can focus on running your company rather than waiting on hold to deal with someone who isn’t real happy to deal with you.
  • PA PUC permit – Required if you plan on doing intrastate shipping within the state of PA. Getting a PA PUC permit is one heck of a lot of work but we’ll do it for you. Additional fees are required by the state foe getting this permit filing done. Check with one of our agents to get the final total fee for having this permit issued.
  • Reinstate of Authority – If your Motor Carrier Authority was made inactive due to reasons like expired insurance or bond our agents can help you get it re-instated. It takes a lot of work on both parts but we’ll help you get through it making sure all of the right forms are filled out with the right information in the proper place. Our fee for this service is modest and we know you appreciate that.
  • SCAC Standard Carrier Alpha Code – If you need a SCAC number for your company (as many companies require this for example Kraft Foods) let our agents take the guess work out of the filing procedure for you so you can get back to what you do the best, running your trucking company. We’ll get a SCAC number assigned to your company in a jiffy.

In addition you can perform other permit filings for things like: Annual trucking permits, Oregon weight mile pass permits, oversize and overweight permits, permits for Canada, fuel permits, single trip permits, IFTA, UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) filings and more. Contact one of our agents today to get your company doing what it does best rather than having to deal with state permit offices. Our agents know the lingo and have solid relationships built with state offices which assures your permits are getting issued as quickly as possible so your trucking company can focus on what it does best.

Once you order oversize trucking permits or any kind of permit from them they save your information so you don’t have to fill out forms over and over. Each time you file for a permit you will need less and less information.

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After many years of consideration we are now able to hook you up direct in most states with online oversize trucking permits. All you have to do with most states is enter all of the data about your truck, trailer (1 time) and then your shipment data and you are on your way. If you have EVER hauled in this state before – YOU ARE ALREADY SET UP WITH THAT STATE!!! We suggest you read more about how to get yourself rolling in just the same amount of time with cheap trucking permits as it will save you bundles. Sure, in states like TN you will have to use your favorite agent but hey, that’s a good thing right?

If you need a heavy haul or oversize trucking permit this is the process you’ve been looking for – just give it a try once – deal direct.  The internet has grown in the last 20 years.  State DOT offices realize that it’s much easier for them and costs them less money if they have an automated permits system and most of them do. Many of them have routing software you can use for free. Texas is one of them and many others are following or already completed. Cheap trucking permits are here! The trucking industry will be changed forever. Each state will make sure your trucking permits are handled expeditiously with the finest detail. Worried about making errors in your trucking permits? What better way to do that than have a person in the middle. Eliminate the middle man and save money with do it yourself trucking permits direct from the state.


Need oversize shipping permits? If you need permits to ship your own items like small equipment or boats please click here.

Reliable  oversize trucking permits.

Oversize Trucking Permits May 22, 2019