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Oversize and Heavy-haul Trucking Permits

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Oversize and Overweight Trucking Permits

Wide Load Shipping not only educates you about oversize and overweight load shipping permits, but we also help you acquire them. When a load is oversize, overweight, or both, it means it has exceeded the standard weight or size to be transported on public highways. In that case, oversize and overweight load shipping permits are mandatory.  Overheight, overweight, and overwidth limits differ from one state to another. Through Wide Load Shipping, you will know whether your load qualifies as oversize or overweight depending on the states it will be passing. It’s important to note that a load can be oversize or overweight in one state but not in another. In that case, you will only need to acquire shipping permits for the states where your load exceeds the maximum size and weight limit. 

How Much Oversize and Overweight Permits Cost?

When your load exceeds the legal weight or size limit, the cost of the shipping permits will be determined by the difference. For example, if you’re transporting an overheight load of 16’ from California to Colorado, you will need to acquire shipping permits from the states of California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. The cost of shipping permits from California, Nevada, and Utah will be determined by 16’ – 14’ (legal height limit for each of those states), while that of Colorado will be 16’ – 14.6’ (legal height limit for Colorado). Keep in mind the height of a load is achieved by adding the height of the trailer and that of the actual load. For example, if the load is 10’ and that of the trailer is 6’, the height of the load will be 10’ + 6’ = 16’. Wide Load Shipping will acquire shipping permits for your load from the right offices. 

The cost of oversize and overweight load shipping permits is all-inclusive in our transport cost. For the oversize and overweight loads that hinder the truck driver’s view, we assign escort cars to guide them along the way. In the event of really huge loads, we deploy more than one pilot car. One escort car leads the way guiding the truck driver on the route to use, while the second one behind the trailer controls the traffic to help the driver turn without a problem. Therefore, communication between the pilot cars’ drivers and the truck’s driver is uninterrupted because a slight mistake can lead to fatal accidents and losses. Flags on the escort vehicles and trailers are orange fluorescent and about 18 inches. The cost of shipping permits caters to any damage caused during transport. We use specialized trailers to transport oversize and overweight limits. For example, we use lowboy trailers to ship overheight loads because they’re low, giving your load a reasonable height allowance before it reaches the maximum limit. 

Some Types of Over Dimensional Load Permits

  • Single Trip Oversize/Overweight Permits

  • Trip and Fuel Permits
  • Single Trip Oversize Load City and County Permits

  • Divisible Load Permits
  • Annual Oversize/
    Overweight Permits


  • Super Load Permits
  • Non Divisible Load


  • Over Width Permits

Oversize Permits By State

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Oversize Permits Quick Reference

  • When a load is oversize, overweight, or both, you must acquire a permit for transport.

  • Oversize load and wide load permits vary by state. You will need the proper permits for each state the load goes through.
  • Oversize loads often require pilot cars to help guide drivers safely on the highway.

  • A load may be oversize in one state and not another, so it is important to acquire the proper permits for safe and legal transport.

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    1. You should click “quotes” and get multiple quotes. 20′ wide??? Route surveys may be required in some states. I would guess probably around 20g with the info you’ve provided. I hope this helps.

  1. I’m moving a tiny house 29 miles in northern AZ. Its 12ft wide, am I able to apply for the permit and pull it myself without a special license or business. It’s just a wide camper basically.

  2. Do I need a permit for california 40 flat rack
    commodity : boat
    Weight: 7,500 lbs
    Dimensions: 31’ long, 9’ wide, 12 ½’ high

  3. I think it’s nice and convenient that you have to fill out less and less information each time you fill out a permit. This is great because it means eventually a trucker will only have to fill out the bare minimum and be able to go. I feel like at first, it could slow down trucks but as they get more experience it will be relatively fast.

    1. Very true. We endorse HighwayPermits and they have a great system for keeping track of all of your truck and trailer info as well as insurance, etc.

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