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2023 Iowa Oversize Permits And Regulations

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Iowa Oversize and Overweight Permits 

Contact (877) 792-5056 for Oversize Permits in Iowa.

Wide Load Shipping is here to help you acquire shipping permits for your oversize and overweight load in Iowa. We’re experienced, and our team of specialists is familiar with the process of acquiring the right shipping permits for your load based on its weight and dimensions. Learn more about permits, superloads, and pilot cars below.

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Oversize Load Limits in Iowa

The following are the legal weight and dimensions limits in Iowa.

  • Length: 53’ feet.
  • Weight: 80,000 lbs GVW.
  • Width: 8’ 6 feet.
  • Height:  13’ 6 feet.

Pilot /Escort Car Requirements in Iowa

  • Length: 80’ to 100’ must have revolving lights.  Over 120’ requires 1 rear pilot/escort vehicle. 10’ overhang requires flashing lights.
  • Weight: Over 80,000 lbs. GVW requires amber lights.
  • Width: On Primary Road  Over 12’     1 front pilot car escort vehicle is required. On 2 lanes over 14’, one rear pilot car escort vehicle is required. On 4 lanes over 14’6”, one rear pilot car escort vehicle is required.  On Interstate over 16’6,” one pilot car escort vehicle or lighting is required.
  • Height:  Over 14’4” requires 1 front pilot car escort vehicle with a height pole.

Oversize and Overweight Permit Limits in Iowa

Here’s the maximum weight and dimensions your load can be, even with a permit in Iowa:
  • Length:  120 feet.
  • Weight:  5 axles 92,000 lbs., 6 axles., 7 axles 132,000 lbs.,
  • Width:  18 feet.
  • Height:  16 feet.

What’s the Cost of Trucking Permits In Iowa?

Wide Load Shipping has put together the costs of oversize and overweight permits in Iowa. We will help acquire the right permits for your load according to the DOT regulations. Call us at (877) 792-5056.

  • Single trip oversize permits in Iowa: $10
  • Annual oversize permits in Iowa: $25
  • Annual oversize and overweight permits in Iowa: $300

Oversize Load Travel Restrictions in Iowa

Travel is permitted from ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset 7 days per week (see holiday and event traffic below). Trucks can travel 24/7 if the shipment is less than 11’ wide, 100’ long, and 14’4” wide.

Holidays and Event Traffic in Iowa

Iowa code specifically states the designated restricted movement holidays are Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. No movement will be allowed on these holidays or afternoons on days preceding these holidays and holiday weekends that include holidays falling on Monday, except as provided for in Iowa Code 321.457.

Note: Continuous travel may be permitted if you are not more than the following weights/dimensions. 

  • Width: 11′.
  • Height: 14′ 6′
  • Length: 100′
  • Weight: Under legal limits.

Ready To Aquire an Oversize Permit For Your Load in Iowa? Call (877) 792-5056! 

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