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Our mission statement:

At, we believe there is a better way to deal with marketing. A more valuable, less invasive way where customers are earned rather than bought. We’re obsessively passionate about our little corner of the specialized trucking industry and our true mission is to inspire every individual or company operating in it. From the pilot cars to the owner operator, the client and the big trucking corporations. We consider ourselves as a little company that get’s big things done with a proved track record that reaches back over 30 years with 15 of them online. Our bottom line is we focus on providing awesome services for all parties involved and take it upon ourselves to inspire as well as motivate them. While oversize and heavy-haul trucking may be one of the least understood and least transparent aspects of the transportation industry we’re very enthusiastic about assisting each party involved in it. We’re excited to simplify the process of shipping big and heavy items via online communications, phone apps, education and our community.

“At we’re excited about coming to work each day. Our jobs enable us to help others. What’s more rewarding than that?”

Our promise:

We will always continue to deliver optimistic and and diverse solutions, professional experiences and enthusiastic points of view that will hopefully inspire you to be the best we all can be at what we do. Experience, impact, imagination and individuality will always remain part of our core in effort to facilitate the growth of greater solutions for the efficiency of our industry. As a notation these are words of sales, they are the core of our true beliefs.

About Wide Load Shipping and Our Services

Established over twelve years ago, Wide Load Shipping started as a small team and has grown to a well-recognized company across the country with over 85 employees as of 2021. We’ve always been a one-stop-shop for any information regarding oversized and overweight loads, heavy hauling and trucking, shipping permits, pilot/escort cars, specialized trailers, and everything in between. We’ve transformed our experience and knowledge into resourceful information for clients and transporters alike. Besides that, we offer trucking services to anyone looking to move a wide load or a heavy load. Your transport solutions are customized to fit your needs. Each load is transported safely and delivered on time. Wide Load Shipping is equipped with modern trailers of all capacities to handle all oversize loads, wide loads, and super loads.

Transport Your Heavy Load with the Professionals 

Wide Load Shipping transport agents are experienced in all forms of oversize load transport. Our agents will determine the best trailer to ship your heavy equipment. Your agent will also gather the permits necessary to transport your oversize load safely. Whether you’re looking for heavy machinery or equipment transport services, you’re in the right place. Wide Load Shipping has the capability to transport every oversize load, wide load, and super load. Our heavy haul shipping experts oversee every aspect of your oversize load transport, from dispatch to delivery. We deploy escort vehicles when shipping your overheight or overwidth load to guide the driver through the journey. Oversize loads make it hard to see oncoming traffic, which is dangerous. Pilot cars and escort vehicles guide the driver safely through traffic and tight areas. 

Oversize Load Shipping Rates

The oversize load transport process varies from one shipment to another. That’s because it depends on the weight, dimensions, distance, mode of transport, season, etc. The larger the load, the more you will pay. A more extensive trailer is needed to accommodate it, and escort vehicles are used. In addition, the cost of acquiring shipping permits increases with the size and weight of a load. Wide Load Shipping is a transparent company, and our shipping quotes are free with no hidden fees. Our goal has always been to help you transport an oversize or overweight load without stress. We understand your heavy load is valuable. We take good care of your equipment until it’s safely delivered. Our specialists coordinate everything to ensure your load is delivered safely and on time. Transport an overheight, overweight, or overwidth load locally or long-distance with Wide Load Shipping now!