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Oversize Load Trucking Services

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Professional Oversize Trucking Service Provider

Wide Load Shipping is a professional oversize load trucking company that provides quality shipping services. With over 15 years of experience in oversize load trucking, we will take care of your shipment and ensure it’s delivered safely and on time. Our oversize load trucking services are door to door, terminal to terminal, port to business, port to port, and every other location of your choice. 

Wide Load Shipping will assign your oversize load shipping request to a specialist who will gather transport documents and identify a suitable trailer for transport based on its dimensions and weight. In addition, they will acquire shipping permits if necessary and keep you updated until your oversize load is delivered safely.

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What is An Oversize Load?

An oversize load is anything that exceeds the following dimensions:

Maximum Length: 50 feet
Maximum Width: 8.6 feet
Maximum Height: 13.6 feet
Maximum Weight: 80,000 pounds gross (GVW).
Overhang: 4 feet off the rear and 5 feet from the front.

Oversize loads may vary from state to state, we also offer more details information on oversize regulations by state, learn here. 

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What Size is An Oversize Overweight Overlength Overheight Truck Load?

Overweight: 80,000 lbs

Overheight 13.6 ft

Overwidth: 8.6 ft

Overlength: 57 ft

Over 80,000 lbs (GVW)
An Overwight load is any load that is over 85,000 lbs gross weight, including the trruck and trailer, like this wheel loader weiging in at 63,000, plus the 45,000 semi truck and trailer totaling 108,000 lbs!

Cross Country Oversize Load Transport Regulations

Every state across the country has varying rules regarding what’s considered an oversize load. However, the standard maximum legal width limit is 8’6ft across all states, while the standard maximum legal length limit ranges between 13’6ft to 14’6ft, depending on the state. All loads exceeding the above dimensions, depending on the state, must be accompanied by shipping permits since they’re considered oversize. 

The maximum legal length limit isn’t specific and varies from state to state. However, we’re familiar with what’s considered an overlength load depending on the state it’s traveling from, to, and through. We ensure it’s accompanied by the correct paperwork to avoid fines. In addition, we also deploy pilot cars for oversize loads that require extra assistance during transport.

Below is a list of some of the equipment and machinery considered oversize.

  • Agricultural equipment: tractors, loaders, combines, etc.
  • Construction equipment: cranes, excavators, drum rollers, bulldozers, etc.
  • Construction materials: steel beams, large-diameter pipes, etc.
  • Industry-specific equipment and materials (i.e. oil, mining, automotive, air, marine, railroad, etc.
  • Manufacturing equipment: conveyors, packaging machinery, etc.
  • Boats
  • Trailers and tiny houses

Fully Insured and Affordable Oversize Load Shipping Services

Wide Load Shipping understands that your oversize load is of great value. Therefore, we go the extra mile to ensure it’s fully insured against damage. When our transport crew arrives, they inspect your load and fill out a bill of lading form to show its condition before transport and to help us confirm whether it’s delivered safely. Our oversize load transport services are available across the country at an affordable cost, and we offer free and accurate shipping estimates. For timely and convenient oversize load trucking services, call us now to get started! (877) 792-5056.

Will my oversize load require more than one permit?

Transporting oversized loads across states or international borders requires more than one permit. We will obtain the needed permits for a stress-free haul.

Why does it take longer to transport oversize loads?

It can take some time to acquire the needed shipping permits and to have the right manpower to transport an oversize load. The state’s restrictions also affect when an oversize load is shipped.


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