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Complete Overheight Load Trucking Services

Overheight loads are heavy equipment or any other type of cargo exceeding the maximum legal height dimensions. Hauling overheight load requires far more experience and expertise. That’s why you should always work with a reputable company offering top-notch overheight load transport services like Wide Load Shipping.

We provide overheight load trucking services anywhere in the country. With more than twelve years of experience and a vast knowledge base in transporting oversize loads, we can provide quality and affordable overheight load transport. We also offer reliable and timely overheight load shipping services.

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Overheight Load Regulations for Transport

When a truck carries a load exceeding the legal height, the transporting company should get an oversize load permit. The permit defines the point of the load’s origin and where it’s delivered, the nature of the load, and its dimensions.

Our team of overheight load shipping experts will ensure the load meets all state laws and regulations. In addition to getting the necessary permits, we make sure we have extra equipment and safety measures when moving overheight loads. Most states require oversize loads to have safety equipment like oversize load banners, flags, and lights. Some state requires pilot vehicles for all oversize loads.

Since regulations are not uniform across all states, our team of seasoned logistic experts will do adequate planning for smooth overheight load trucking. The legal height limits differ from state to state. The height dimension includes the overall height of the truck or trailer and load. Most states require that an overall load height not exceed 14’6”. Any load exceeding this height is, by definition, an overheight load.

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Examples of Overheight Loads for Transport

  • Tankers
  • Cargo Handling
  • Forklifts and Cranes
  • Aircrafts
  • Mobile Homes
  • Military Equipment
  • Oilfield Equipment
  • Earthmoving equipment like excavators
  • Agricultural equipment like tractors
  • Industry Equipment like generators
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Heavy Haul Trucking Services FAQ

The characteristics of heavy haul vary depending on the state. Any shipment over 102 inches of a typical flatbed trailer is considered heavy hauling and requires a permit.

Are there any weight or size limitations for heavy haul trucking?

Typically, weight limitations are determined on a per-axle premise. While a heavy haul trucking load may not surpass the full weight limit, it may surpass the per-axle limitation. Loads in the ‘oversize’ category are over 8.5 feet wide. Loads exceeding 12 feet wide may require one or two pilot vehicles in the front and back of the truck.