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Overwidth Load Trucking Services

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Complete Overwidth Load Trucking Services

Over-width loads are types of cargo or freight that exceed the maximum legal width set by each state. Transporting a wide load requires expertise and the right trailer for safe delivery. That’s why when looking for a company offering overwidth transport services, you should consider one with the right equipment and a good reputation for timely and safe hauling of oversize loads.

At Wide Load Shipping, we have the experience and expertise to ship your overwidth load regardless of its width, shape, and weight. Our overwidth load trucking agents will plan and coordinate your overwide cargo shipment promptly and cost-effectively. We handle all the processes involved and keep you updated on every step.

With over twelve years of experience providing oversized trucking services, we understand all the necessary precautions and regulations when shipping overwidth loads. We consider all the factors affecting overwidth load trucking for safe and timely transport.

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Overwidth Load Dimensions and Regulations

Every state has different regulations when it comes to overwidth loads. Determining whether a load is overwidth depends on where it is shipped to, and the roads used. Generally, any shipment over 8’6″ wide is considered overwidth in almost all states. However, it’s always good to confirm with your shipping company to be sure. They will obtain the necessary overwidth permits to travel on public roads and identify a suitable trailer for your load. In addition, they should provide pilot or escort cars if necessary during transportation.

Wide Load Shipping, we acquire the necessary permits for your overwidth load. Our team of shipping experts will schedule and coordinate pick-up and drop-off services, conduct road surveys, and plan for the appropriate route for your overwidth shipment. Besides our expertise, our overwidth load trucking services are the most affordable. Call us today for a free estimate.

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Examples of Overwidth Loads

There are some examples of freight generally classified as overwidth. They include:

  • Bulldozers
  • Cranes
  • Combines
  • Backhoes
  • Loaders
  • Prefabricated homes
  • Mobiles homes
  • Wind blades
  • Generators
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Heavy Haul Trucking Services FAQ

The characteristics of heavy haul vary depending on the state. Any shipment over 102 inches of a typical flatbed trailer is considered heavy hauling and requires a permit.

Are there any weight or size limitations for heavy haul trucking?

Typically, weight limitations are determined on a per-axle premise. While a heavy haul trucking load may not surpass the full weight limit, it may surpass the per-axle limitation. Loads in the ‘oversize’ category are over 8.5 feet wide. Loads exceeding 12 feet wide may require one or two pilot vehicles in the front and back of the truck.