2021 live road closure reports for USA and Canada.

A comprehensive list of live road closure reports geared towards heavy haul and oversize trucking companies. Also note many states have chain restrictions and laws.

Road closure and road closed.

Road closures and live reports for USA/Canada.


If you have knowledge of excellent live road reports please share your source with others below. A quick comment can go a long way in helping others.

United States road and highway closures for truck drivers.

AL Alabama – statewide conditions of roads and highway closures.
AK Alaska – Driving conditions, planned events, weight restrictions and travel not advised reports.
AZ Arizona – High impact travel alerts and road closures.
AR Arkansas Road closings and highway closures.
CA California – Highway conditions report and road closures and closed highways hourly. Search road number.
CO Colorado – Closed roads and highways as well as safety alerts and road work alerts issued.
CT Connecticut – Current conditions map with active construction, roadway incidents, and closures.
DE Delaware – Real-time travel advisory of travel alerts, road closures, and alternate routes.
DC District of Columbia – DOT road closures, nighttime closures, temporary closures, and closed roads.
FL Florida – Florida road closures, closed highways, all scheduled and immediate,  overnight closes.
GA Georgia – Georgia road closures and closed highways.
HI Hawaii – Mostly lane closures and closed highways in Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Big Island, Lanai, and Molokai.
ID Idaho – Currently closed highways and road closures.
IL Illinois – Look on the right: flooding closures, construction closures, etc.
IN Indiana – A very nice map with all current road closures and closed highways easy to see for Indiana state.
IA Iowa – Iowa road closures and closed highways. Very nice map system that is easy to use.
KS Kansas – Closed route segment listing for Kansas state roads and highways.
KY Kentucky – Closed roads and highway closure reports. Another very nice system that is easy to use.
LA Louisiana – Road closures and closed highways as well as construction.
ME Maine – Road closures and closed highways for Maine.
MD Maryland – Closed roads and highway closure for Maryland. Search tools to filter data.
MA Massachusetts – Closed roads and highway closures as well as incidents and construction.
MI Michigan – Closures of roads and closed highways as well as incident reports.
MN Minnesota – Great map of road closures and closed highways.
MS Mississippi – The best system we have seen. Road closures closed highways and delays. Awesome!
MO Missouri – Another one of the best-closed roads and highway closure systems we have ever seen. Awesome!
MT Montana – Great interactive map for Montana. Big improvement and thank you MT!
NE Nebraska – Map (make sure you turn on “layers”) closed roads and closures.
NV Nevada – We have road construction and detours as well as live updates.
NH New Hampshire – Very nice system for road closures and closed highway restrictions. Best, excellent!
NJ New Jersey – Very intensive. Road closures and projects. Highway closures. This is it. Comprehensive.
NM New Mexico – Awesome system. Road closures and closed highways. Best, awesome, high-tech!
NY New York – Another super awesome road closed and highway closure system. Wow NY!
NC North Carolina – Pain in the rear. Road closures. Select road. Closed highways. Get with it NC.
ND North Dakota – Another super nice road closure and closed highway system. Awesome!
OH Ohio – Stay on this link. Do not take pop-up suggestions. Road closures and closed highways.
OK Oklahoma – This link here as well for road closure and closed highways. Not a very good system.
OR Oregon – Road closure and more information from ODOT.
PA Pennsylvania – Road closure and closed highways (select area) in real-time.
PR Puerto Rico – There are a few real states that should have a system as good as this one. Nice!
RI Rhode Island – Road closures and closed highways.
SC South Carolina – This is pretty good. Not the best-closed road map and certainly not the worst.
SD South Dakota – Not the best but not the worst. If your tall you gotta read this as well.
TN Tennessee – Truck drivers get ready! Tennessee DOT has finally got a good road closure system including a live map in place. TN state.
TX Texas – Right on Texas! Road closures and construction for the whole state made it simple for truck drivers hauling in TX state. Saddle up ya’ll!
UT Utah – Pretty decent system. Shows what you need to know from the Utah DOT for truck drivers in UT state.
VT Vermont – Good map system for truck drivers that need DOT route closure info and more in VT state. This link is nice too.
VA Virginia – Great live map that details all road closures, construction, and more for truck drivers in VA state.
WA Washington – Good, live information for truck drivers needing road closure information for WA state..
WV West Virginia – Decent map for road closure and construction information for truck drivers in WV state.
WI Wisconsin – Good regional map of construction and road closures for commercial truck drivers operating in WI state.
WY Wyoming –  Live information. Great for commercial truck drivers going through WY state.

Canada road and highway road closures.

AB Alberta – Very nice system for displaying road closure info to truck drivers.
BC British Columbia – Very nice clickable map system, you have to do your work here (text).
MB Manitoba – Again a very nice road closure map. Hats off to the Canadians!
NB New Brunswick – Super nice clickable map that shows closed roads and highway closures.
NFL New Foundland – Another very nice road closure system for truck drivers.
NT Northwest Territory – Looks like you have to dig. The first link is best or get text notices here.
NS Nova Scotia – Easy to use plain and simple live map featuring construction and closures.
NU Nunavut – Try NT (above) as it is most practical to travel Nunavut via air as not many roads exist.
ON Ontario – Great map of Ontario road closures, just check the box you need for info.
PEI Prince Edward Island – Cool little map for the island showing road conditions for drivers.
QC Quebec – Also you can view in french by road for closure information.
SK Saskatchewan – The road closure information for truck drivers in SK. Text hot list.
YT Yukon Territory – Great map for road closure information for truck drivers.


If you have further information on road closures in the USA or Canada please comment below.

2021 Road closures: USA – CANADA LIVE. January 22, 2021

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