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Maximum Legal Load Sizes and Weight

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What Are the Maximum Legal Load Sizes of a Shipment Before It’s Classified as Oversize or Overweight?

Here are the maximum legal dimensions and weight

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Maximum dimensions and weights for transport.
  • Length: Combined overall is 65 feet or 19.812 meters.
  • Trailer length: 48 feet or 14.6304 meters. Some 53 feet or 16.1544 meters.
  • Width: 8 feet and 6 inches or 2.5908 meters.
  • Height: 13 feet and 6 inches or 4.1148 meters*.
  • Weight: Combined overall is 80,000 pounds or 36287.39 kilograms.
  • Shipment weight: 47,000 pounds or 21318.841 kilograms at most.

Note: For US states, maximum height varies. For example, the east of the Missouri River is 13 feet, and 6 inches or 4.1148 meters, and the west of the Missouri River is 14 feet or 4.2672 meters. Alaska’s maximum height is 15 feet or 4.572 meters. That’s only a rule of thumb and not exact. For example, Oklahoma is 13′ 6″, while Colorado and Nebraska are 14′ 6″. Also, some designated routes are approved for additional heights. Be sure to research any/all laws before attempting to ship oversize or heavy items. Shipping it legally can be tricky.

Google maximum weights
Maximum weight restrictions for trucking.

Learn More About Oversize Trucking and Transport

Each state or province has different regulations. The above is a North American average. Regulations for heavy haul and oversize trucking can be very complex once a shipment is determined “heavy” or “oversize,” and there is a classification system within each state that can even qualify a shipment as a “superload.” Once dimensions or weights exceed the legal maximums, transport permits are required. Some shipments may require pilot cars or even pilot cars equipped with height poles, or the trucking company may be required to have a route survey performed. It’s essential to consult a professional before attempting to transport any objects, machinery, or equipment that is oversize or overweight.


Know the Legal Limits Anytime You Transport a Load

Whether you are a professional truck driver or a novice with a pick-up truck, it’s always smart to know the laws. Public safety is a big factor when transporting large or heavy items because damages could crush you financially. Fines and possibly getting your vehicle towed and impounded are other factors. Always consult a professional and local law when transporting over-dimensional or overweight shipments.