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Everything You Need To Know About Driveaway Services

Wide Load Shipping is your go-to driveaway company for cost-effective and quality driveaway services. Our experienced, licensed, and insured drivers can safely, efficiently, and reliably move your vehicle to your destination. Whether you want to transport commercial trucks or luxury cars, Wide Load Shipping provides the best service. With driveaway services, you hire a professional driver to drive your car from the pick-up location to your preferred destination. Instead of you driving the vehicle yourself, a driveaway driver from a reputable company will move your car from point A to point B.

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Pros of Using Driveaway Services

Once you find a company, you should review the requirements like proof of insurance and past driving record and check whether its drivers are licensed. The driveaway company will ask about your car’s condition, pick-up location, destination, and delivery deadline. Before the driveaway driver takes possession of the vehicle, they will inspect it thoroughly to ensure it is in good condition and document any existing damage. After the inspection, the driver will drive the car to its destination, following any special instructions from the driveaway company or the owner. Once the driver reaches the destination, they will deliver the vehicle to the designated recipient. Here the car owner or recipient will be required to complete any necessary paperwork as proof of delivery.

Unlike traditional vehicle shipping services, where a semi-trailer hauls your car, driveaway services involve using licensed and certified drivers to drive your trucks, vans, or RVs to your destination. Some of the perks of using the driveaway service include the following:

Faster Shipping: In driveaway, your vehicle will be driven from the agreed pick-up location to its final destination, eliminating the need for loading and unloading your car, meaning the delivery will be faster and safer.

At Wide Load Shipping, we assign a licensed and experienced driver to transport your vehicle to your destination. Once they pick up your car or truck, they only focus on getting it where you need it delivered.

Customized Transport Service: Driveaway services offer more customized transport services. However, it would be best to first discuss with the driveaway company the additional services they provide and what can and can’t be allowed with the driver. In some cases, your designated driver can transport personal items.

Delivered Right to your Destination: When you hire a driveaway transport company, you don’t have to worry about where to wait for shipment. A professional driver will pick up the vehicle from the agreed pick-up location and deliver it to the specified location. There’s no need to pick up your car at a terminal or drive it to a drop-off point.

Free Resources

Wide Load Shipping has a vast library of resources and guides to educate on all things oversize load and super load transport.

Route Surveys

Wide Load Shipping has a team to provide route surveys, ensuring your oversize load is transported safely.

Oversize Load Regulations by State

Wide Load Shipping has over twelve years of experience, and we’ve listed the regulations you need to know for transporting oversize loads in each state.

Dedicated Transport Agent

At Wide Load Shipping you work with a dedicated transport agent who will guide you through every step of the shipping process.

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Wide Load Shipping provides you with a quote that includes everything you need, whether it be loading assistance, pilot cars, or other amenities for transport. No hidden fees!

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Wide Load Shipping simplifies oversize load transport. We handle every aspect of transport, from the initial dispatch to final delivery. Find out more now!

Why Choose Wide Load Shipping Driveaway Services?

Whether you are transporting a fleet of commercial vans, a single truck, or your RV, it’s good to hand over the process to professionals. Premier driveaway services from Wide Load Shipping will provide optimal transport solutions and the assurance you require to move your vehicle. We go above and beyond to ensure our driveaway vehicle customers have a stress-free experience. Our team of insured, licensed, and experienced drivers are reliable and qualified, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.

You can count on Wide Load Shipping professionals when you need high-quality driveaway services. We offer unmatched and budget-friendly driveaway transport services in every state in the country. Whatever transport service you want, we will make it happen. Below are some of the driveway services we offer;

  • Truck Driveaway Services

Truck driveaway is a cost-effective and convenient way of transporting commercial trucks or semi-truck from one location to another. Truck driveaway services involve hiring a company to move your vehicle to your preferred location. Our range of truck driveaway services includes singles, decks, and booms. We can also transport other special trucks.

  • RV Driveaway Services

With the booming camping and growing use of RVs, RV driveaway service is the most preferred to drive your recreational vehicle from point A to B. Wide Load Shipping RV driveaway services ensure we provide extra protection by having all the necessary insurance covers. Our RVs driveaway services drivers follow a specific timeline and route.

  • Bus Driveaway Services

Bus driveaway provides cost-effective and reliable delivery services for shuttle buses, school buses, and other types of buses. Our bus driveaway experienced drivers deliver buses safely and timely to your destination. Wide Load Shipping’s good track record of reliability and safety makes us the most-preferred choice for bus driveaway services.

  • Commercial Van Driveaway Services

Commercial vans driveaway services involve moving a fleet of vans from one location to another. We provide professional drivers to deliver your vans to your destination safely. Whether you are a vehicle manufacturer or have bought a fleet of vans for commercial use, driveaway services can be a cost-effective and convenient way to transport them.

  • Mining Rigs Driveaway Services

Driveaway services provide an efficient way of transporting mining rigs. A reliable driveaway company will move your mining rig from your pick-up point to the delivery location without extra stops. A qualified, licensed, and knowledgeable driver is assigned to transport your mining rigs safely and timely right where you need them.

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Our Driveaway Services Are Available in The Following States?

Wide Load Shipping offers driveaway services across every city in the following states. Give us a call to get a professional driver! (877) 792-5056

Alabama; Alaska; Arizona; Arkansas; California; Colorado; Connecticut; Delaware; Florida; Georgia; Hawaii; Idaho; Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Kentucky; Louisiana; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Michigan; Minnesota; Mississippi; Missouri; Montana; Nebraska; Nevada; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New Mexico; New York; North Carolina; North Dakota; Ohio; Oklahoma; Oregon; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; South Carolina; South Dakota; Tennessee; Texas; Utah; Vermont; Virginia; Washington; West Virginia; Wisconsin; Wyoming

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