Utah statewide conditions of roads and highway closures.

Utah road construction delays.

Road construction and repair work can be a real problem for a truck driver. Especially in the over-weight or oversize trucking industry when travel restrictions apply on top of your permitΒ requirements and state regulations. Live information is important to specialized trucking industry truck drivers.Β  The potential problems that can sometimes be avoided due to road closure or construction delay are well worth researching. Many road construction delays can be avoided by commercial truck drivers by doing a little research. Especially in Utah where windy roads around mountains go on for hours as well as long stretches that never seem to end.

Utah weather conditions.

Weather conditions can be a real problem for a commercial truck driver. Whenever our dispatchers quote a shipment in order to provide transport service it is based on the amount of time it will take to deliver it. Utah is widely recognized as a state that has fierce winter snowstorms, wind storms, rain, hail storms, and cold wind that will make your bones shiver for days! Rough weather for commercial truck drivers is pretty much the norm during the winter months. This is why trucking companies count on the data provided by the Utah DOT to inform them of weather conditions so they can make information-based decisions. Weather conditions are one of the biggest factors in all aspects of the commercial trucking industry from oversize,Β  heavy haul all the way to flatbed trailer and step deck trailers.

Utah road closures.

Utah road restrictions and traffic delays. Maintenance, construction, traffic. Click to view current.

Utah road closures.

Road closures are another big factor to consider in Utah trucking. If the road is flooded out or a bridge is out there’s very little chance a semi-truck is going to pass thru it. Especially one hauling an oversize load. This is yet another example of why current data is so important in the over-the-road transportation industry. With the amount of rain and wind that occurs in Utah a road, you may have counted on traveling the day before may not be there on the next. Especially if your picking up or dropping off the shipment in a remote location which is pretty popular these days with the logging industry. It takes all kinds of heavy equipment like cranes, tractors, dozers, excavators, and more to feed this out-of-control industry. The only way to get them in/out is by trucking them. Current Utah road closure information is imperative.

Utah bridge repair or construction.

The summer months usually bring in bridge repair crews as the mild weather supports construction and repair crews. Winter bridge repair is usually avoided if possible as the costs of repairs is more as transporting in mud or working under harsh conditions is much harder. At times bridge construction jobs don’t have to be concerned with traffic, especially if it’s a new bridge. However, the majority of bridge repairs or construction is add-on work to beef up an older bridge in order to keep it in service longer. If the bridge repair work is going to cause traffic delays commercial trucking companies need to know about it right away. If the driver of the truck is forced to go around a bridge if it’s closed the miles traveled is further results in additional costs. The Utah DOT usually does a great job at getting these notifications out right away so commercial vehicle operators can factor this into their logistics planning and avoid potential delays.

Utah traffic delays

With more and more motor vehicles on the road delays are excepted. The more people the more consumer goods needed which means more commercial trucks are on the roads and highways. Again, we’re very appreciative the Utah DOT does a great job at getting traffic delays posted live on traffic maps so commercial vehicle drivers can see them and potentially avoid them. Oversize loads and usually restricted from traveling during peak hours in major cities and on major holidays but traffic delays don’t always have to do with volume. Accidents or wrecks, construction crews, lane closures, and weather conditions all play a part in determining how the traffic flows. Commuters and professional drivers all do their best to avoid traffic.

We invite the public to view and provide feedback on four draft alignments for Phase 2 of our Midvalley Highway project in Tooele County, which will extend the existing highway and connect State Route (SR) 138 to SR-36. Visit https://t.co/pnj4dXSPrU for details!

On the #JacobCityFire the fireline from Bald Mountain to Commodore Pass was controlled, increasing containment to 93 percent. Over 100 people attended our public meeting in Stockton last night, to hear about the fire, monsoons, and the possibility of post-fire debris flows.


#SardineFire is now at 80% containment and saw limited growth today. Great Northern and Weber Basin Type 2 IA crews have been on scene attacking the fire with the assistance of air resources. #ffslkth

Light smoke returns to Denver's skies this evening from fires burning in Utah and Nevada. A heavier batch is forecast to move in Monday morning... #cowx #utwx #smoke #beckypeakfire #jacobcityfire

Light easterly flow today will take smoke from the #WashburnFire westward (Sorry @NWSSacramento and @NWSHanford ). Thanks to all those on the frontlines helping to fight this fire!

If you would like to view the latest HRRR smoke imagery: https://t.co/j0NYkxfhwk

#JacobCityFire currently estimated at 4,000 acres and 0% containment. Northern Utah Interagency Type 3 Incident Management Team has taken command. More resources have been ordered to assist existing crews. Weather is expected to be more favorable today for fire behavior.

#SardineFire estimated at 30-35 acres and is 5% contained. Evacuation orders were lifted and residents were allowed to return home. Additional ground and air resources will arrive tomorrow. #ffslkth

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Reference:Β http://udottraffic.utah.gov/