2021 California state shipping laws, regulations, and limitations for heavy-haul trucking and oversize loads. 

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Maximum legal limits without requiring a permit. 

Maximum legal limits. Standard Metric
Length: 65 feet. 19.8 meters.
Width: 8 feet, 6 inches. 2.6 meters.
Height: 13 feet, 6 inches. 4.1 meters.
Weight: 80,000 pounds. 36,287 kilograms.
Overhang: 4 feet from the rear, 3 feet from the front. 1.21 meters from the rear, 1 meter from the front.
Notes: Always verify any discrepancies with CalTrans prior to movement/transport if you are ever uncertain.

These rules pertain to personal vehicles (towed or otherwise), commercial motor vehicles including semi-tractors, trailers, buses, boats, or anything else on California roads. Some local roads may have additional restrictions. For clarification of any discrepancies consult CalTrans (see contact information below).

California legal maximum limit information in detail.

Routinely issued oversize/overweight permit maximums.

Oversize/overweight transport/trucking permits routinely issued by CALTRANS.

Maximum routine permit limits Standard Metric
Length: 135 feet. 41.1 meters.
Width: 15 feet. 4.5 meters.
Height: 17 feet. 5.1 meters.
Weight: 250,000 pounds. 36,287 kilograms.
Overhang: 4 feet from rear, 3 feet from front. 1.21 meters from rear, 1 meter from front.
Notes: Detailed instructions should be clearly printed on your official permit. Any discrepancies should be discussed with issuing CALTRANS office official prior to movement/transport for clarification.

Routinely issued oversize/overweight permit information in detail.

California overhang in-depth clarification.

California superload information.

Shipments in excess of the following weights/dimensions are classified as superloads in California.

Superload size/weight classification Standard Metric
Length: 135+ feet. 41.1+ meters.
Width: 15 + feet. 4.5+ meters.
Height: 17+ feet. 5.1+ meters.
Weight: 250,000+ pounds. 36,287+ kilograms.
Overhang: 4 + feet. 1.21+ meters from rear, 1+ meters from front.
Notes: Superloads have finely detailed instructions clearly printed on the official permit. Any discrepancies should be discussed with the issuing CALTRANS superload permit office official prior to commencing movement/transport.

California superload information in-depth.

Travel times and restrictions.

Pilot car/escort vehicle requirements.

Required shipment markings, signs, flags and lights.

Additional information.

California DOT locations and contact information.

California DOT (CalTrans) contact information and other helpful links.

Northern region:
California Department of Transportation – CalTrans
PO Box 942874, room 4105
Sacramento, CA 94274-0001
Telephone helpline:
Fax line:
Permit office hours:

Southern region:
California Department of Transportation – CalTrans
464 West 4th Street, MS #618
San Bernadino, CA  92401
Telephone helpline:
Fax line: 909-388-7001
Permit office hours: 8 AM until 5 PM – PACIFIC TIME ZONE

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The information contained in these pages is research information primarily for use by oversize and overweight trucking company drivers, dispatchers, pilot car companies, and private individuals. While every effort is put into maintaining the accuracy of this information you must absolutely verify this information with the California DOT (CalTrans) Permits office before commencing movement.
  1. Where can I find info on allowed year of semis? I was told any semi older than 2008 is not allowed in CA? Thank you.

  2. I pull a 9 axle Cozad. The drives and 3rd tandems are 102″. The 1st and 2nd tandems, and the deck are 120″. There are “oversize” banners and 2 18″ flags mounted mounted on the front bumper of the truck and the back bumper of the very end of the trailer. I’ll put magnet or bungee flags on any parts of the load that hang over the 120″. Now for my question: I got upgraded from the old Freightliner Classic to a newer Peterbilt 386. The Pete has a round bumper with no easy looking place to mount front flag holders. A google search of where I legally needed flags led me here. It reads like I need the flags on the “shipment” or the load, not necessarily the nose and rear of the entire truck and trailer. Will I be better off mounting the flags on the 4 corners of the 120″ deck, or, like it has been, at the extreme ends of the truck and trailer?

  3. I have a cement plant tollway I’m 96100 gross front axel is 14160 drives is 48100 back axel is 33960 ca is saying I have to have more then 34000 back their the back wheels does not move what can I do

  4. Hi,have a question,had discussion with my dispatch,about the 41ft,yes with 53 ft trailer,can I put the axel anywhere as long do not exceed 41ft,sorry for my English…and if you have the regulation about it can you send it to me please,thanks

    • Absolutely not. California has very strict regulations when it comes to axle spacings. I am unable to answer your question entirely as I do not know your entire configuration. I would suggest you stop into the closest California scale house when you have time and speak to the California DOT inspectors. Hopefully they can have a quick look at your entire tractor/trailer configuration and let you know precisely what you can and can’t do. I’m sure this isn’t exactly the answer you were looking for but hopefully it helps you solve your question legally.

  5. Not to be a smarty but if you’re hauling vehicles you are allowed to have 4 feet of front overhang (not 3) as long as it is a vehicle that overhangs. I was here for the length and appreciate all of the information you have on this great website. Thank you.

    AutoTrans, Inc.

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