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2024 Illinois Oversize Permits And Regulations

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Illinois Oversize and Overweight Permits and Regulations

Contact (877) 792-5056 for Oversize Permits in Illinois.
Transporting an oversize or overweight load in Illinois? Wide Load Shipping is here to help you acquire the right shipping permits for your oversize or overweight load. Below is more information about Illinois load limits, superloads, and pilot cars. Transporting a 2020 Hydrema 922

Oversize Load Limits in Illinois

Length: 65 feet. Width: 8’6 feet. Weight: 80,000 lbs GVW. Height:  13’6 feet. Overhang:  3’ front in front and 3’ off the rear.

When are Pilot Cars Required in Illinois?

Length: If over 110′ in length you are required to have a minimum of 1 pilot car and in some places 2 pilot cars (higher traffic density or certain times of year). If over 145′ (150′ in some very rural areas) in length you are required to have 3 pilot cars –  yes 3. If over 175′ in length a police escort will be required. Width: Up to 14’6” requires 1 pilot/escort vehicle. Over 16’ requires 2 pilot/escort vehicles. Over 18′ in width will require a police escort.  Height: Up to 14’ 6” 1 pilot/escort vehicle, over 16’ requires 2 pilot/escort vehicles. Over 18′ in height will require a police escort. Weight: No requirements as long as you can maintain minimum speeds. However, on bridge moves that require all other vehicle traffic to be removed will require an appropriate number of pilot cars which is a minimum of 2 and possibly 3 with police escort. All areas are different and require evaluation. Note: If you exceed any two dimensions, then you are required to have an additional pilot car. So if you’re over 14′ 6″ tall and 14′ 6″ wide you would be required to have 2 pilot cars.

What’s the Cost of Trucking Permits In Illinois?

Here is the cost of oversize and overweight permits in Illinois. Wide Load Shipping has experienced specialists to help you acquire single and annual permits on time. Call us now! (877) 792-5056.
  • Oversize single trip permits in Illinois: $15
  • Oversize permits for loads not exceeding 70ft in length, 10ft in width, and 14’6ft in height: $12 for 90 miles, $15 between 91 to 180 miles, $18 between 181 to 270 miles, and $21 over 270 miles
  • Oversize permits for loads not exceeding 85ft in length, 12ft in width, and 14’6ft in height: $15 for 90 miles, $20 between 91 to 180 miles, $25 between 181 to 270 miles, and $30 over 270 miles
  • Oversize permits for loads not exceeding 100ft in length, 14ft in width, and 15ft in height and mobile homes not exceeding 85ft in length: $25 for 90 miles, $30 between 91 to 180 miles, $35 between 181 to 270 miles, and $40 over 270 miles
  • Oversize permits for loads not exceeding 120ft in length, 18ft in width, and 16ft in height: $30 for 90 miles, $40 between 91 to 180 miles, $50 between 181 to 270 miles, and $60 over 270 miles
  • Oversize permits for loads not exceeding 120ft in length, 18ft in width, and 16ft in height: $50 for 90 miles, $75 between 91 to 180 miles, $100 between 181 to 270 miles, and $125 over 270 miles
We Offer Trucking Permits in the Following Cities in Illinois; Chicago, IL; Aurora, IL; Rockford, IL; Joliet, IL; Naperville, IL; Springfield, IL; Peoria, IL; North Peoria, IL; Elgin, IL; Waukegan, IL; Cicero, IL; Bloomington, IL; Arlington Heights, IL; Bolingbrook, IL; Evanston, IL; Schaumburg, IL; Decatur, IL; Palatine, IL; Skokie, IL; Des Plaines, IL. Tinley Park, IL; Oak Lawn, IL; Berwyn, IL; Mount Prospect, IL; Normal, IL; We Offer Trucking Permits in the Following Counties in Illinois; Cook County; DuPage County; Lake County ; Will County; Kane County; McHenry County; Winnebago County; Madison County; St. Clair County; Champaign County; Sangamon County; Peoria County; McLean County; Rock Island County; Tazewell County; Kendall County; LaSalle County; Kankakee County; Macon County; DeKalb County; Vermilion County; Williamson County; Adams County; Whiteside County; Jackson County; Boone County; Grundy County; Ogle County; Knox County;

Required Pilot Car Certifications in Illinois

Cars, vans, or trucks may be used as long as the gross weight of the pilot car vehicle is rated at no more than 8,000 lbs. Pilot car driver must be 18 years of age minimum with a valid regular driver’s license. Pilot cars must have a rotating or flashing amber light mounted on the top of the vehicle. Must display a red flag at all 4 outermost points of the vehicle and have “OVERSIZE LOAD” signs that are a minimum size of 5′ wide x 12″ tall and have black lettering no less than 8″ in height. Must have radio and be in constant communication with the driver transporting the shipment at all times. Must have $500,000 per occurrence combined insurance that covers property and body.

Oversize and Overweight Permit Limits in Illinois

Here’s the maximum weight your load can be, even with a permit in Illinois:
  • Single Axle Weight Permits: 24,000 pounds
  • Tandem Axles Weight Permits: 48,000 pounds
  • Tridem Axles Weight Permits: 60,000 pounds
  • Quadem Axle Weight Permits: 60,000lbs gross
  • Five Axle Weight Permits: 100,000 pounds
  • Six Axle Weight Permits: 120,000 pounds
  • Seven Axle Weight Permits: 120,000 pounds
  • Eight Axle Weight Permits: 120,000 pounds
Below are the maximum dimensions a load can be even with a permit in the state of Illinois:
  • Max Length With Permit: 145 feet
  • Maximum Width With Permit: 14’6 feet
  • Maximum Height With Permit: 15 feet

Learn More About Super Load Permits in Illinois

When is a load considered a superload in Illinois?
  • Superload Weight: over 120,000 pounds of gross weight.
  • Superload Length: over 145 feet long.
  • Superload Width: over 14’6 feet in width.
  • Superload Height: over 15’6 feet in height.

Notes: Spacing between steer and first tandem must be more than 8′ 1″. The spacing before the first axle and the trailer must not exceed 18′ 6″.  All axle spacings combined must not be less than 43′ 6″. Superload permit processing times vary. Expect delays. Before requesting a route you are expected to do as much research on your own as possible. They will refer you to GettingAroundIllinois for construction zones and other closures. 

Permitted Travel Times and Restrictions in Illinois:

Illinois travel times and restrictions for oversize loads.

Travel is permitted from ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset  Monday thru Friday and ½ hour before sunrise until 12PM on Saturdays. Loads that are overweight only may travel 24/7 on all days of the week (make certain it is not documented otherwise on your permit before doing so). No travel is permitted on Sundays unless you are below the routine permit standards of no more than 115′ in length, 12′ in width, 13′ 6″ in height (sunrise to sunset rules apply).  No movement is permitted on the major holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Travel stops at 12PM on the day before any of these holidays. The Illinois oversize load permit office is closed on MLK Day, Lincoln’s birthday, Washington’s birthday, Columbus Day, Election Day, Veterans Day, and on the day after Thanksgiving. However, travel is not restricted on these days. Always refer to your permit for approved travel times.

Required Shipment, Truck and Trailer Markings:

Truck, trailer, and shipment required signs, banners, and flags.

A rotating amber light must remain on at all times mounted on top of the cab and be visible from 360 degrees from a minimum of 500′ in direct sunlight. If your overall length is more than 80′ in length you are required to have one amber light over the cab of the truck and one amber light no more than 10′ from the rear of end or trailer/load at the highest point that is practical. Oversize load signs must be a minimum of 7′ in width x 18″ in height, have a yellow background color with black lettering no less than 10″ in height x 1″ thick – we have recently heard 12″ tall x 2″ thick so please clarify and comment below if you know which is correct. Flags are required at all 4 corners of the load and front of the truck and are to be safety red in color and no less than 18″ square. Shipments over 75′ in length, 10′ in width, or 14′ 6″ in height are required to have signs. Signs must be placed on the front and rear extremities of the truck, trailer, or load.

Recent Load Hauled in Illinois

  • Origin: Ashton, SD 57424
  • Destination: Joliet, IL 60403
  • Specs: 34.9L x 8W x 10.10H
  • Weight: 34,000lbs

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  1. I’m purchasing a boat that will be 9 ft in width only at the center of the boat the trailer is 102 inches wide
    The overall length of towing vehicle and boat with trailer is 65 feet
    I want to know what permits I will need annually and do I need a pilot vehicle ?

    Thank you

  2. It looks like there is a typo under the Pilot Car requirements on this page. On this page, it reads that widths or heights up to 14’6″ require a pilot vehicle. That didn’t seem reasonable (a 9′ wide boat would require a pilot vehicle?). I looked up the requirement on the idot website.

    “One civilian escort is required for all moves that 1) exceed 14’ 6” wide, or 2) exceed 14’ 6” high, or 3) exceed 110’ long”

    So far, the most stringent requirement for width I’ve seen is requiring a pilot car for loads over 12′. I’m planning to buy a sailboat, and and determining the maximum beam, height and weight that I can transport without using pilot cars or posting large bonds.

  3. 8′ 1″ from steer to first, before first axle of trailer no less than 18′ 6″. The total amount of all axle spacings combined must exceed 43′ 6″. These are newer laws so be sure to call them at: 217-782-6273 (general) or 217-785-1477 from 7 am – 4:30 pm CDT.


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