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2022 Vermont State Shipping Regulations

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2022 Vermont State Shipping Laws, Regulations, Rules, and Limitations for Oversize and Overweight Trucking on State Highways and Roads

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Do I Need a Trucking Permit? Legal Load Limits in Vermont

Vermont maximum load limits until a trucking permit are required:

Length: The trailer length maximum is 53 feet.
Width: 8 feet and 6 inches wide.
Height: 13 feet and 6 inches tall.
Weight: 80,000 pounds gross (GVW), 20,000 single axles or 34,000 pounds on tandem axles.
Overhang: Overhang in the rear may not exceed 1/3 of the item being shipped in length.

Routine Heavy Haul and Oversize Trucking Permits in Vermont

These maximum dimensions/weights are considered routine oversize or heavy-haul trucking permits in Vermont:

Length: 100 feet in overall length.
Width: 15 feet wide.
Height: 15 feet is about the most you can get away with on routine permits and main roads.  14 feet on many local roads.
Weight:  Under 150,000 pounds overall in weight.  Anything over 150,000 pounds in weight will require an individual study.  They will need all steer tandem, tridem, quadem axle length spacing, and weights data with routing ideas submitted.  Here is a road weight limit search tool.  Also, crane routes.
Overhang: If you are over the 1/3 mark on your overall length you are going to have trouble.

Pilot Cars/escort Vehicle Certifications and Requirements in Vermont

Pilot car or escort vehicle mandatory operator certifications and vehicle requirements (more):

One-half hour before sunset and one-half hour after sunset rule applies.  You may travel on the weekend and holidays however some restrictions do apply.  If over 100′ in length, 10′ 6″ in width, or 108,000 lbs in weight,  you may NOT travel on Saturday or Sunday or on holidays between July 1 and Labor Day on state roads.   If a holiday is on a weekend day then you may NOT travel on Friday or Monday as well.  The state of Vermont observes the following holidays:

  • New Years’ Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Independence Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Presidents Day

The state permit office is closed on these days as well.  If a shipment is over length, over width, or over height it may only travel during daylight hours.  Overweight shipments may travel 24 hours a day.  There are travel restriction times during peak hours in high traffic areas being closed from the approximate hours between 7-9 am and 2-5 pm as well.  Please refer to your permit for exact travel restrictions and times.

Legal Travel Times for Oversize and Heavy Haul Loads in Vermont

Vermont travel times and restrictions for heavy-haul and oversize loads:

Length: 80′ in length.
Width: 12′ wide requires at least 1 rear pilot car on 4 lanes or front on 2 lane roads (escort) and possibly 2 depending on routing.
Height: If the height of the load exceeds 14′ a front high pole card is required.
Weight: No pilot cars or escort vehicles are mentioned in re; to overweight or heavy haul shipments.
Overhang: If front overhang is over 15′.

Pilot Cars/escort Vehicle Certifications and Requirements in Vermont

Pilot car or escort vehicle mandatory operator certifications and vehicle requirements:

For a vehicle to qualify; all pilot car/escort vehicles must have a manufacturer’s gross weight rating not to exceed over 20,000 pounds. All pilot cars/escort vehicles must display a bumper or roof-mounted “OVERSIZE LOAD” sign visible from both the front and rear of the vehicle.  The sign must be at least 6 feet long and 12 inches in height, yellow in color with black letters no less than 5 inches tall and 1 inch in width. The vehicle must have 4 safety flags displayed in red or orange in color and be a minimum of 12 inches in length square and/or height mounted at a 40 to 70-degree angle on all 4 corners of the vehicle.  The vehicle must be equipped with a  CB radio or 2-way communication device, 8 ignitable road flares, and a first-aid kit. All pilot cars/escort vehicles must be at least of a “reasonable” size.  All pilot cars (escort vehicles) must have a CB radio or 2-way communication device and be in contact with their shipment at ALL times.  Pilot cars vehicles that are leading must have an appropriate sign visible from the front and when chasing must have an appropriate sign visible from the rear.   All signs must be a minimum of 5′ in length and 12″ in height and have a yellow background with the black letting of no less than 1″ 5/8″ in width.  Headlights must be turned on when in operation on the job.

It is our opinion that pilot cars (escort vehicles) should have the minimum requirements as well which include the following;

  • 1 – 5 pound fire extinguishers type A, B, and C.
  • A paddle sign with the word “STOP” on one side and “SLOW” on the other with dimensions of no less than 18″ in diameter with a minimum of 6″ letters.
  • A red safety-colored flag with a handle no less than 18″ square.
  • 3 reflective emergency road triangles or 18″ traffic cones.
  • At least 1 extra OVERSIZE LOAD and  WIDE LOAD banner (yellow with black lettering).
  • A safety-colored (red, orange, yellow, or lime green) vest, jacket, or shirt (used while directing traffic).

Vermont DOT Office and Permit Contact Information.

Vermont DOT contact information and notes:
Vermont Agency of Transportation Commercial Vehicle Operation.
120 State Street
Montpelier, VT  05603
Help telephone line: 802-828-2064
Hours: Monday – Friday 7:45 AM – 4:30 PM
Eastern Time Zone
Vermont is a member of NASHTO


Vermont Road Closures


The information contained in these pages is research information primarily for use by oversize and overweight trucking company drivers, dispatchers, and pilot car companies. While every effort is put into maintaining the accuracy of this information you must absolutely verify this information with the Vermont State DOT Permits office before commencing movement.


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