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2022 North Dakota Shipping Regulations

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2022 North Dakota DOT State Shipping Laws, Regulations, Rules, and Limitations for Oversize and Heavy Haul Trucking Permits

North Dakota heavy haul rules and limits for pilot cars.
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Legal Loads Limits in North Dakota

the following are the maximum weight and dimensions limits in North Dakota before permits are required:

  • Length: 75’ overall on non-designated highways and 110’ overall on designated highways.
  • Weight: 80,000 GVW
  • Width: 8’ 6”
  • Height: 14’

Routine Oversize Shipping, Trucking, and Transport Permits in North Dakota

The following are the maximum dimensions and weight for shipping permits in North Dakota.

  • Length: 110’
  • Weight: Steer 12,100 lbs., Single 24,000 lbs., Tandem 45,000 lbs., Tridem 60,000 lbs., 4 axles 73,200 lbs., 5 axles 103,200 lbs., 6 axles 118,000 lbs., 7 axles 126,000 lbs.
  • Width: 18’
  • Height: 15’ 6”

How to Apply for Oversize Transport and Shipping Permits in North Dakota

North Dakota Highway Patrol
Motor Carrier Operations
600 E Boulevard Ave., Dept. 504
Bismark, ND  58505-0240

Phone: 701-328-2621
Fax: 701-328-1642

A basic Permit costs $20 and is valid for 5 days.  

Pilot Car/Escort Car Requirements in North Dakota

  • Width: 2 lanes over 14’6” requires 1 front pilot car.  4 lanes over 16’ require 1 rear pilot car. 2 lanes over 16’ require 1 front pilot car and 1 rear pilot car.
  • Height: Over 18’ requires 1 front pilot car.
  • Length: Over 120’ requires 1 rear pilot car.

Travel Restrictions in North Dakota

Travel is permitted from sunrise to sunset.  Travel permitted all weekend up to 16′ wide or 110′ in length. Continuous travel is also permitted if heavy only.  When hauling a dozer the blade has to be attached when overweight.


North Dakota Road Closures


The information contained in these pages is research information primarily for use by oversize and overweight trucking company drivers, dispatchers, and pilot car companies. While every effort is put into maintaining the accuracy of this information you must absolutely verify this information with the North Dakota State DOT Permits office before commencing movement.

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