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2024 Michigan Oversize Permits And Regulations

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Michigan Oversize and Overweight Permits

Contact (877) 792-5056 for Oversize Permits in Michigan.
Wide Load Shipping is here to help you get permits for your oversize and overweight load during transport in Michigan. We’re familiar with the shipping requirements and will ensure your load isn’t fined due to a lack of the right paperwork. Below we have more informational details about limits, superloads, and pilot cars in Michigan. Volvo L180H wheel loader transport

Oversize Load Limits in Michigan

Michigan maximum load limits until a trucking permit are required:
  • Length: 75 feet.
  • Width:  8 feet 6 inches.
  • Height: 13’6 feet.
  • Weight: 80,000 pounds GVW.
  • Overhang: 3 feet in the front and 4 feet in the rear.
NOTES:  There’s no restriction on the maximum length of the combination of truck-tractor and semitrailer with or without load

When Pilot Cars or Escort Vehicles Are Required in Michigan

Heavy-haul or oversize loads may require to be accompanied by an escort vehicle or pilot car if:
  • Length: 90 feet to 100 feet one on the rear. Over 100 feet requires a rear pilot car or “chase” escort vehicle.
  • Width: Loads over 12 wide on 4 lanes are required for one rear escort/pilot car. A lead or front pilot car is required for loads on 2 lane highway over 12 feet wide.  Front and rear pilot cars/escorts are required for loads over 14 feet wide.
  • Height: Over 14 feet and 5 inches is required to have a pilot car equipped with a height pole. Over 15 feet in height will require a rear chase escort vehicle in addition to 1 lead pilot car equipped with a height pole.
  • Overhang: If over 15 feet 1 rear escort is required.
  • Weight: If the truck can maintain minimum speeds no pilot cars are required unless excessive or superload.
NOTE: Allow 1 to 10 days for permits to be approved. Distance for a pilot car to lead/chase load 500′ unless otherwise stated on the permit. This is the distance between the lead/chase and the truck/trailer. Maximum speeds of 45 MPH if 4 or more lanes, 35 MPH is under 4 lanes. Also, read the travel restrictions below.

Pilot Cars/Escort Vehicle Certifications in Michigan

Pilot car or escort vehicle mandatory operator certifications and vehicle requirements: To qualify as a pilot car vehicle in Michigan, you must either have a pickup truck or a passenger car with at least one rotating or flashing amber light mounted on the top of the vehicle. Pilot cars and escort vehicles must also display one oversize load sign that is 5′ x 1′ tall and has black letters no less than 8 inches tall on a yellow background. All flashing, stroking, or rotating amber lights must be visible from 500 feet. In addition to this, we strongly suggest pilot cars and escort vehicles have the minimum of federally suggested equipment.

What’s the Cost of Trucking Permits In Michigan?

The costs of oversize and overweight permits in Michigan are determined by the state’s DOT. Wide Load Shipping will acquire the right permits for your shipment. Call us at (877) 792-5056.
  • Single trip oversize permits in Michigan: $15
  • Single trip oversize and overweight permits in Michigan: $50
  • Single trip Michigan legal fee: $15
We Offer Trucking Permits in the Following Cities in Michigan; Detroit, MI; Grand Rapids, MI; Warren, MI; Sterling Heights, MI; Ann Arbor, MI; Kalamazoo, MI; Troy, MI; Lansing, MI; Flint, MI; Novi, MI; Westland, MI; Farmington Hills, MI; Kalamazoo, MI; Wyoming, MI; Rochester Hills, MI; Southfield, MI; Taylor, MI; Novi, MI; Pontiac, MI; Royal Oak, MI. Dearborn Heights, MI; Ypsilanti, MI; Kentwood, MI; Battle Creek, MI; Georgetown, MI; We Offer Trucking Permits in the Following Counties in Michigan; Wayne County ; Oakland County; Macomb County; Kent County; Genesee County; Washtenaw County; Ottawa County; Ingham County; Kalamazoo County; Livingston County; Saginaw County; Muskegon County; Jackson County ; St. Clair County; Berrien County; Monroe County; Calhoun County; Allegan County; Eaton County; Bay County; Lenawee County; Grand Traverse County; Lapeer County; Midland County; Clinton County; Van Buren County; Shiawassee County ; Ionia County; Montcalm County; Marquette County; Isabella County; Barry County; St. Joseph County; Tuscola County; Cass County;

Oversize and Overweight Permit Limits in Michigan

These maximum dimensions/weights are considered routine oversize or heavy-haul trucking permits in Michigan:
  • Max Length With Permit: 150 feet
  • Max Overhang With Permit: Case-by-case basis only
  • Maximum Width With Permit: 16 feet
  • Maximum Height With Permit: 15 feet
  • Maximum Weight With Permit: 150,000lbs
NOTES: Maximum speed for any permitted shipment is 45 MPH. Permits for heavy shipments may take more than 10 days to process.

Maximum Legal Dimensions in Michigan

  • Width: 96 inches.
  • Width: 102 inches on non-designated roads.
  • Height: 13 feet, 6 inches
  • Length of semitrailer: 53 feet, including the load.

NOTE: Length shall not include safety and energy conservation devices including, but not limited to, impact-absorbing bumpers, rearview mirrors, turn signal lamps, marker lamps, steps, and handholds for entry and egress, flexible fender extensions, mud flaps or splash and suppressant devices, load-induced tire bulge, refrigeration or heating units, or air compressors. A device shall be excluded from a determination of length only if it is not designed or used for carrying cargo.

  • Projection beyond the front of vehicles: 3 feet
  • Overhang beyond the rear of vehicles: Any amount is permissible if the legal length is not exceeded. However, if this overhang is 4 feet or more, there shall be displayed on the extreme rear of such a load a 12-inch red flag that is square in the daytime and a red light or lantern at night.
  • Axle limitation: A combination of vehicles shall not exceed 11 axles.
  • Width: Unprocessed Logs, Pulpwood, Wood Bolts, Agricultural Products, and Concrete Pipe, (108 inches for load only), Busses, (102 inches), Implements of Husbandry: A person may only operate or tow an implement of husbandry of any width on a highway as required for normal farming operations.
  • Length: Truck-Tractor, Semitrailer, and Trailer or Truck-Tractor and 2 Semitrailers: No overall length limitation providing the length of each semitrailer and trailer including load does not exceed 28 feet 6 inches or the overall length of the semitrailer and trailer or 2 semitrailers as measured from the front of the first towed unit to the rear of the second towed unit while the units are coupled together does not exceed an overall length of 58 feet, including load. Any such combination, except as herein described with regard to assembled motor vehicles or bodies, recreational vehicles, or boats, may be operated only on such highways and routes as designated by the appropriate authorities.
  • Truck and trailer: Overall length not to exceed 65 feet. Any such combination may be operated only on such highways and routes as designated by the appropriate authorities.
Truck and trailer note: Designed and used to transport saw logs, pulpwood, and tree length poles. Overall length is not to exceed 70 feet including load. Any such combination may be operated only on such highways and routes as designated by the appropriate authorities. Truck and trailer designed and used exclusively to transport assembled motor vehicles or bodies, recreational vehicles, or boats: Any such combination not to exceed a total length of 65 feet, except a stinger-steered combination, shall not exceed a total length of 75 feet. The load on any such combination of vehicles may extend an additional 3 feet beyond the front and 4 feet beyond the rear of the combination of vehicles.

Michigan Superloads Information

Information about shipping superloads in Michigan. If your shipment is in excess of any of the following weights or dimensions, it may be classified as a superload.
  • Superload Length: Over 150 feet.
  • Superload Width: 16 feet or over.
  • Superload Height: 15 feet and over.
NOTES: We have no weight maximums to report. Height may be on a case-by-case basis.

Oversize Load Signs in Michigan | Lights, Safety Flags, and Warning Signs

Required safety markings, flags, and warning lights for heavy haul and oversize loads in Michigan: All oversize load shipments will be required to display 2 “Oversize Load” signs. One must be mounted to the truck’s bumper and the other to the rear of the trailer. Signs must be a minimum of 7 feet in width and 18 inches in height with 10-inch black letters on a yellow background. The flags are required on all 4 corners of the combination and are red or orange and 18 inches square. If the item being shipped has dimensions extending beyond the trailer, then the extremities must be flagged. Headlights must be on at all times. In addition, a minimum of 2 flashing strobing lights must be mounted to the rear portion of the load.

Legal Travel Times for Oversize and overweight Loads in Michigan

Travel times and restrictions for heavy-haul and oversize loads in Michigan: Travel time is sunrise to sunset with the half hour before sunrise and a half hour after sunset leniency rule.  No weekend travel.  No holiday travel or the day after Christmas or Thanksgiving. Many counties have rush hour rules from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM (look at the permit). Wind restrictions if over 24 MPH, you can’t run—Frost and thaw laws in effect from Feb until April on weight. 

Recent Load Hauled in Michigan

  • Origin: Longview, TX 75605
  • Destination: Fall River, MI 02717
  • Specs: 32L x 8W x 10.10H
  • Weight: 20,000lbs

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8 Responses

  1. What is the height max for hauling a piece of farm equipment. Is there a farm exemption for a one time move. Need to move a grain dryer it 12’ 2” on a 2’6” trailer. All roads in Michigan

    1. The maximum height in Michigan 13’6 which is counted as the height of the trailer plus that of the load. In this case the height of your load is 12’2 plus 2’6 (trailer) – 14.8′ which exceeds the legal load limit in Michigan. Call us if you need more information regarding your shipment – (877) 792-5056.

  2. Is there a maximum length for overhang in a personal pick-up truck? I see the 3 foot and 4 foot flagging reg. but not a maximum,

    1. Jake. You are correct here in your assumption. No matter how long the right is the law says 3 feet of front and 4 feet of rear before advancing to a permit. Sorry buddy, we don’t make the rules!

  3. when following a load how far in front and how far behind should a escort vehicle be legally in the state of michigan ,please email me back with the regulations

    1. Well Cousins Pilot Car, that’s a very good question so we called MDOT and asked them at (517)241-8999. They stated that the maximum distance Michigan requires between the truck and the load whether chasing or leading is 500′. They also told us that each individual permit would state the distance required (if different) on a load by load basis depending on the routing they assigned to the load as well as any special characteristics the load may have.

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