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State to State Bulldozer Transport Insurance

When shipping a bulldozer or any other piece of equipment, it’s important to fully insure it against damage. Sometimes the haul doesn’t go as planned, and accidents do happen. To be on the safe side, it’s always important to acquire bulldozer shipping insurance against accidents that could happen between loading and unloading. Loading a bulldozer requires a special skill. However, accidents sometimes happen, where the bulldozer slips and falls off the ramp during the loading or unloading. In addition, accidents are very common on highways. Wide Load Shipping gives its customers peace of mind by fully insuring their single or multiple bulldozers against damage. That means you can claim total compensation for the damages incurred if something happens to your bulldozer during transport.

How to Acquire Bulldozer Shipping Insurance

When transporting a bulldozer with Wide Load Shipping or any other company, it’s important to have it fully insured and have a copy of bulldozer shipping insurance bearing your name. With that, you can contact the insurer to confirm if your bulldozer is truly insured and claim compensation directly from them without going to the transport company. We offer bulldozer transport insurance to carriers and shippers transporting this equipment at a fee. Transporting a bulldozer that’s fully insured gives you the peace of mind you need. Bulldozers are used in the construction industry and are often moved from job site to job site. Therefore it’s important to ensure these valuable pieces of equipment are fully insured during transport. 

What’s the Cost of Bulldozer Transport Insurance?

The cost of insuring a bulldozer depends on the make, model, and year among other factors. The latest models of bulldozers will cost more to insure due to their high market value. Therefore the transport cost is slightly higher than shipping an older model. When the transport team gets to the loading bay, they must inspect your bulldozer and fill out a bill of lading form. That form is later used at the drop-off location to check if your bulldozer has arrived safely. Taking photos before transport is important for easy comparison. In addition, remove personal belongings since our insurance won’t cover the loss if lost or damaged. Wide Load Shipping also insures bulldozer attachments. You can contact us for bulldozer hauling insurance through our email or call or fill out the form on our website. 

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