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Reliable Excavator Shipping Insurance

Excavators are a big part of the construction industry and, from time to time, need to be moved from one job site to another. The process is demanding and requires to be carried out by an experienced and reliable excavator transport company like Wide Load Shipping. But, more importantly, the process needs to be fully insured because safety isn’t always guaranteed, and accidents happen. When we say your excavator is fully insured during transport, we mean that you will be fully compensated for whatever damage if anything happens between loading and unloading. Regardless of the year, make, or model, our excavator shipping insurance will cover it.

Cost of Excavator Shipping Insurance

The cost of insuring an excavator depends on the year, manufacturer, number, condition, and model, among other factors. The latest models of excavators cost more to insure due to their high market value. Therefore, your transport cost might be slightly higher compared to shipping an older model. Excavators are a big part of our day-to-day life and are used for digging, material handling, demolition, and heavy lifting. Whether you’re transporting your excavator from door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal, always inquire about our excavator transport insurance to ensure they’re protected against all forms of damage. We offer excavator transport insurance to customers moving excavators and carriers without insurance. Our team must fill out a bill of lading form to show the condition of an excavator before transport once you book our excavator transport insurance. 

How to Claim Excavator Transport Insurance

When your excavator is delivered, the first step should be to inspect it compared to the bill of lading and photos taken earlier to confirm if it’s in a similar condition. If you confirm your excavator has acquired new dents while under transport, don’t sign the bill of lading form confirming safe delivery. Instead, contact the insurer immediately to claim compensation. We make each client a holder of our insurance coverage for this purpose, giving them the power to claim compensation directly from the insurer without coming to us. Make a point of cleaning and taking clear photos of your excavator before transport, as they will come in handy at the drop-off point. Remove personal and loose items from your excavator because if lost or damaged, we’re not liable. As a carrier or shipper, you can acquire our excavator transport insurance services by calling, emailing, or filling out the form on our site.

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