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How to start a pilot car business. Become a pilot car driver.

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How to start a pilot car business. We’re here to help.

Over the last few decades, we’ve had hundreds of people contact us and inquire how to start a pilot car business of their own and become a pilot car driver. After attempting to deal with all of these inquiries we felt the best thing to do was create a standardized instruction guide or road map that tells it just how it is. Especially when we have a shortage of pilot car companies in so many geographic locations in North America – we need to bring in thousands of new companies. 

Our perspective was changed a few years ago when someone shared a youtube video link with us that depicted a guy stating he could earn an extra $500 a day using his vehicle as a pilot car. He went on to explain how he preferred to be at home more often (but enjoy the opportunity to travel), enjoy an occasional whiskey drink with a cigar, and eating steak. I think you can search for it and purchase their armchair, whiskey steaks recipe for about $350. He seemed a little vague about things like regulations, certification, insurance, safety equipment, a business license but perhaps that’s all covered in the “package” offered.

It became immediately clear we needed to get involved with helping others obtain affordable pilot car business start-up knowledge. The entire industry as a whole is affected by this shortage.  Clearly, we needed to become more proactive by stepping up and writing a realistic, affordable plan for those interested in starting a profitable and properly functioning pilot car company. Not only teach folks the basic ropes but offer it for a fair price which is difficult. Most of the information is considered proprietary in a very niche industry that has provided our families incomes for our entire lifetimes. However, with the pilot car shortage, we have in North America someone is going to have to inspire and direct others.

After operating for over 18 years online we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do what we do best. Help people. So, we designed a detailed and inclusive package that will steer folks interested in starting their own pilot car business in the proper direction. While we do have to charge for our time we feel the price is very affordable considering what we’re providing you with inside information on exactly how the industry works and what you will be required to have and expect to get your pilot car company in business and rolling down the road. Plus to help offset the start-up costs we give you a free premium year in our PiloTrac directory (valued at $70).

Start a pilot car company.
We’re here to help you get your new pilot car company rolling. Our business insider guide on how to successfully start and maintain your own pilot car company will give you precisely what you need to get your new company going and on the road.



For $100.00 we give you the real information you need to get your company up and running successfully. Clearly, our industry has a shortage of pilot car company business owners and operators. We need for you to succeed.

Below are just a few highlights of the direction we try to point you in.

Pretty much every state is going to want you to register your business with a minimum of a DBA or “doing business as”. You may decide you would rather start a corporation (Inc.) or a limited liability company (LLC.) once you get going but a DBA may be the right choice for you depending on the laws in your state. We suggest you speak with a licensed attorney about what entity is best for your business as each person’s circumstances are different. There are many factors to consider like taxes, marital status, joint incomes, the amount of money you bring into your household, and of course liability. With a DBA you can get your pants sued off of you in the unfortunate event you made a decision that resulted in property damages or worse caused bodily injury to someone. Have you ever heard someone say: “you can sue my company but please don’t sue me”? Well, if your corporation or LLC is properly set up and you are working for it then it would more than likely be the corporate body bearing the responsibility resulting from your actions. But again – consult a professional attorney in your state. Once you’ve determined your best option you can move on to things like considering obtaining your flaggers license and dealing with any state insurance and training qualifications that may be required. What we teach in our “How to start a pilot car company” kit is to explain all of the ins and outs that are necessary to get your idea off of the ground and get you into our industry. There is ALWAYS a shortage of good, professional pilot car companies.

We teach you the ins/outs of starting and operating your own pilot car company.

  • How to figure out what type of business model is best for you to start your pilot car company.
  • Insurance requirements for pilot car companies and issues to consider.
  • Choosing a vehicle that meets the minimum requirements in order to operate legally in the capacity of a pilot car vehicle.
  • States/Provinces that require pilot car vehicle operators to have certifications and where to get them.
  • What NASTO, SASHTO, MAASTO and WASHTO is and what regions they cover.
  • Required equipment (as suggested by the FMCSA) and minimum requirements.
  • How to get set up for the height-pole pilot car industry.
  • How to get customers so your pilot car company can start making money.
  • Tips on how to operate a pilot car in a professional manner to protect motorists.
  • Invoice template examples and creating them. So your new pilot car company can get paid quickly.
  • What is expected of pilot car vehicle operators? From the driver and pre-trip safety checks and planning.
  • How to create your own “package” to exchange with trucking companies. What you need and what you need from them.
  • Industry rates and what to charge for your pilot car service based on geographic location.
  • Online strategies on how to get your name out there and develop a serious online presence affordably if not free.
  • Basics of how to perform a route survey (done correctly).

Learn how to properly turn your idea into a real company that is up and running. Our simple guide teaches you how to take the path of least resistance. Avoid the pitfalls of “learning as you go” and save time, hassle, money. Run legal, safe, and confident.

Learn exactly what a pilot car company needs in order to safely operate.

There are laws and legalities that govern exactly what needs to be on board a vehicle that is operating in the capacity of a pilot car company. We bring you completely up to speed on exactly what is required in 2020 from professionals that have over 100 years of experience combined. Again, it’s pretty easy to get into our industry and make very good money locally and long haul but earning $500 a week easy, and starting tomorrow, legally and properly it’s simply not going to happen. However, you can get your foot in the door affordably by following our small course and you can also make a lot more than 500 bucks a week – top runners make that in a day. This is NOT AN UP-SALE.

To own a successful pilot car company you need to know where to get customers.

In order to properly start any company, you need to know where to go in order to get work. In our training kit (How to start a pilot car company) we show you exactly where to go and how to go about getting customers. Not only that but we also show you how to set yourself up where it counts the most so you actually have an online presence and are in the mix with oversize trucking companies. After all, that’s the business industry we service: oversize, heavy-haul, and pilot car companies. Not only that but our industry needs more new dependable and reliable pilot car companies so the more we can bring on the better! Think long and hard when considering purchasing our pilot car company business starter kit before trying to just go on your own with web searches and word of mouth. We cut straight to the chase and show you exactly what you will need and where to get it.

Loadboard example.
Our loadboard is full of direct customers looking for quotes from our oversize and heavy haul trucking companies and we know exactly how to connect pilot car companies with carriers.

Work smarter not harder –  “How to start a pilot car company”.

Get our start-up package for over 50% off during 2021 only. We strongly support our industry and need you to succeed so we can ship more goods.

No PayPal account is required. Simply look for the option during the first part of checkout.

Please note: this is a digital download. We manually process orders Monday – Friday 9-4 PST. We check for orders multiple times daily and process any as quickly as possible so you can get started. Check your email inbox a few hours after ordering or possibly the following business day for your attached purchase.

Welcome aboard,



27 Responses

    1. We offer a publication to help you start a pilot car company. We suggest you start with this and use it as a “road map” to get you started. Good luck!

  1. I see you are currently offering 50% off the training…. I tried to purchase, but the price is still $149.

  2. Can you tell me How is the course presented? Videos? Reading material? Both? What is the length of the training? Also, what type if income (typical rate) can be expected from this ?

    1. It’s not a course. It’s about 17 short and sweet pages that detail exactly what you will need to do to get started and how to do it. I hope this helps you in your decision.

  3. I am interested in starting my own company with an experienced pilot person, but I need some personal experience first.
    I could buy all the equipment and required insurance. Owning these items will not do me a lot of good with out experience, correct?

    How do I go about getting experience, to back up my certification, woith a reputable company?

    Searching on line for a “job” has me left wondering where to go.

    1. Good question Michael. Just the other day I was speaking with a group of colleagues about problems within the pilot car industry as we do have a huge need for more good companies. We were talking about route surveys exclusively and overhead obstructions (169 million in damages reported in 2016). A lot of folks looking to get in the industry don’t take the time you clearly have to fully think this all through. It makes sense; follow a truck with some lights on, a sign, and get paid. But the truth is the job pilot car operators have is much more complicated. In this conversation we were speaking of a shipment over 14′ tall and the state required a “route survey” to be performed prior to approving the permit for the shipment to move. So a pilot car company was hired to go and find the best route. The shipment hit one of the overpasses.

      Fault: One of three ways here: 1. The pilot car company did not properly perform the route survey as hired to do either by faulty equipment or lied. 2. The shipment height loaded on the trailer was incorrectly measured. 3. The wheel ruts in the highway differ in each lane as well as most overpass structures (they’re curved) and this distance was not compensated for.

      Probability says there’s a 66.6% chance this hit the desk of the pilot car companies insurance company and nobody would not want to be on either side of this desk.

      I’d love to say I could endorse a particular class or program but at the end of the day it would more than likely need to be backed by some financial agreement as they’d pay us for the referral (not going to happen). There’s really only one way you can learn this and it’s the same way I did. Start doing it. Pay attention/listen/watch. Stay within your limitations. Always be honest. Grace.

      Afterthoughts: I don’t recall the name but recently spoke with a few guys that had started their company with old cop cars. The cars were fully equipped “all pro” and I bet each car didn’t have more than 5 grand put into it. These guys were pretty determined so i’d bet being scrappy/smart and the likes they had like 3 grand tied up in each rig. No biggie you’d think but the kicker was they both had height poles installed as well. Pretty impressive considering to just go get a custom mount made would be like $800 and then a pro pole like $700. I bet these fellas scratched to buy used poles on ebay or craigslist for $200 each and bought a $69 welder at Harbor Freight and went to the funky part of town to get the metal but for the brackets for $150 for both. What’s that $690 vs $3g. Go! Go!

      Then while they were looking to grow they were also looking to learn. So instead of the telecommute head nod on anybody that called them, they seemed to be staying within 2-4 states and focusing more on wideloads that were simple – under 16 feet, not overly long or tall.

      This “prototype” so to speak is how I would get in if I was determined to. I should mention the pilot car startup package we sell (not a promotion). Seriously, if you dive in and follow the directions and resources it gives you it’s well worth the money. We pretty much give it all back to you if you make it by giving you free listings and promoting folks that made it and it worked for.

      Good luck, thanks for your comment and we’re always here to support our industry.

      1. Hey I have a question. In this starter kit will it include at least the licenses we need or certifications? Also training classes ? (If needed by law)

        1. No. We show you what to expect and where to get it. Our package puts everything together for you and takes the guesswork out of setting it up. We point you directly to what you are looking for.

    2. I would love to teach people how to escort 🙂 I am getting back to escorting and need a light rack better lights and few other things if anyone has some for sale.

  4. I’m considering this as well, but when I go to PayPal via Buy Now it doesn’t knock off the $20 of $129. How do I get the coolest part?

    1. I will check the wording. Our normal price is $149 so the $129 is $20 off. Thanks for the comment and let us know if you need any additional info.

  5. Hello,
    I’m considering starting this business, but not sure how lucrative it would be. I’m in NW Ohio currently. Is it a business that a Couple could run and be able to make a decent income?

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