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Commercial Shipper Definition

What is the meaning of Commercial Shipper Definition?

Generally, commercial shipping involves transporting bulky goods from business to business. A commercial shipper is the business shipping out the goods. Commercial shipping, whether domestic or international, allows shippers to balance costs and speed and meet client expectations. Ideally, a commercial shipper will send goods in large volumes and in a single unit at discounted rates, reducing shipping costs per item. Besides cost-efficiency, commercial shipping is also more eco-friendly than residential shipping, which involves transporting numerous single and small units.

Commercial Shipper Definition - In The Field

In most cases, commercial shipping usually includes freight shipping, which consists of loading and shipping cargo into large containers and shipping them using one or more transportation modes. Shipping can be done on land, sea, or air, and one commercial shipment can be transported through several modes of transport. The ultimate cost of commercial shipping might vary depending on the nature and size of load, package and billable weight, delivery destination, and speed. To make the most of commercial shipping, commercial shippers must take the time to compare the different carriers at their disposal and their services and prices.

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