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Consignee | Who’s a Consignee?

What is the meaning of Consignee | Who’s a Consignee??

In shipping, a consignee is a party at the delivery point to whom the load is delivered. They are major stakeholders in the hauling process besides the consignor and the carrier. While not always, the consignee is mostly the buyer and the end customer of the goods. However, the consignee is sometimes the agent usually nominated by the buyer or even the buyer’s bank. Their major role is to collect the cargo from the drop-off point and might or might not remit taxes and organize for the transport of the load to the final destination.

Consignee | Who’s a Consignee? - In The Field

Unless otherwise indicated, the person who appears on the bill of lading as the consignee is the only one who can collect the goods upon delivery. Clear and effective communication between the shipper (consignor), carrier, and the consignee is crucial to guarantee a smooth, hassle-free, and successful shipping process. Remember that you can always change the consignee on the bill of lading with a simple amendment.

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