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Gross Weight

What is the meaning of Gross Weight?

Gross means total. Gross weight is, therefore, the total weight, including all the shipping aspects. Gross weight includes the actual product’s weight, and any packaging required for a safe hauling activity. However, the gross weight definition might vary depending on the transportation mode. For instance, in air transport, gross weight includes the product and tare weight and the weight of the fuel, aircraft, operating crew, and passengers, if any.

Gross Weight - In The Field

On the other hand, gross weight in waterway transport is the sum of tare (the total packaging used on the product) and net weight. For rail and road transport, the gross weight includes the product net weight, the weight of the shipping equipment, and tare weight. You must understand your cargo weight, as it is one of the most vital factors that impact shipping costs regardless of the mode of transportation. The documentation bill of lading and a quote form clearly show the exact weights that the ultimate shipping costs depend on for a particular company.

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