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Heavy Haul

What is the meaning of Heavy Haul?

A heavy haul is any load that goes beyond the standard or legal size specified by the local or federal authority. Heavy hauls are also known as heavy equipment or super loads. Some common examples of heavy hauls include planes, mining equipment, mobile homes, cranes, boilers, excavators, turbines, and agricultural equipment such as combines. Heavy hauls require specialized knowledge, skills, expertise, and a trailer for safe transportation. You can use different trailers to transport your load depending on its nature and size. Some common categories include:

  • Removable gooseneck trailers, which are easy to load and offload
  • Extendable double-deck trailers are perfect for the super large and tall loads
  • Step-deck trailers, which are suitable for extra tall cargo exceeding the 8.6 feet limit

Heavy Haul - In The Field

Oversized loads must also have visible yellow tags fixed on the front or back and fluorescent orange or red flags attached at the corner. Pilot cars or escort vehicles must also accompany the heavy haul to ensure the utmost safety of the load, the hauling crew and equipment, and other motorists on the highway.

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