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Intrastate Move Definition

What is the meaning of Intrastate Move Definition?

An intrastate move is contained within the state lines. This means that goods cannot be transported beyond one state border to another. While this might sound very straightforward, sometimes what you consider an intrastate move is actually an interstate move. For instance, you might want to get to a city that requires you to cross the state border to get there. This is considered an interstate move. You might also want to travel to a city within your state, but have to use major roads that weave in and out of your current state borders. This, too, is an interstate move. Any time you move beyond the home state lines for transport, that is an interstate move.

Intrastate Move Definition - In The Field

 Generally, intrastate shippers are not regulated by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. As long as they keep their move purely intrastate, they do not have to worry about the constantly changing moving and permit requirements. All the same, movers should study and understand these regulations to ensure a smooth and safe shipping process.

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