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Load Board

What is the meaning of Load Board?

Also known as a freight matching service or freight board, a load board is an online marketplace that links shippers and carriers. Freight brokers, shippers, truck owners, and operators can also post available loads and find loads. Providing specifics such as the nature, dimensions, pickup, and delivery points, among other information about the freight, is crucial. It allows freight brokers and shippers to quickly find the perfect carrier without the tiresome manual emailing and calling.

Load Board - In The Field

Load boards keep diversifying and increasing the number of carriers that freight brokers and shippers can reach. Loads can also be seen by many carriers nationwide. This exposure increases the chances of freight brokers and shippers to find the perfect carrier for the job. Owner-operators and carriers also enjoy a steady workflow, as they can always use load boards to find contracts. You can find load boards online through a freight app or a website. Most load boards are sophisticated and allow you to use your preferred device, including computers, mobile phones, or tablets.

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