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Net Weight Definition

What is the meaning of Net Weight Definition?

The net weight is the weight of the goods alone, excluding the weight of the container and product packaging. For instance, if you are shipping sardines, the net weight is the weight of the sardines before they’re packed into tins. Similarly, if you are transporting raw materials, the net weight is the actual size of the raw materials only. 

Net Weight Definition - In The Field

Like gross weight, accurate net weight calculation is crucial for hauling cost estimation. Sometimes, the product weight is not much, but the packaging makes it heavy. In this case, the tire weight might be considered when calculating the estimated shipping costs. Understanding how to get these weights allows you to calculate shipping cost estimates yourself. This way, you can quickly note and raise a concern when the shipping company’s hauling costs are relatively higher than the one you estimated. You will also understand the bill of lading and invoices from freight brokers. Besides, you will know the most cost-efficient packaging materials that do not compromise load safety.

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