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Shipper Definition

What is the meaning of Shipper Definition?

A shipper is an individual or company responsible for tendering the shipping freight to the carrier, who then delivers it to the recipient. Essentially, they are responsible for the initial shipping of various products, which comes with multiple responsibilities. These include inventory, packaging, efficient storage, organizing a transportation management system, accounting, and record-keeping. A shipper is sometimes referred to as a consignor. Other responsibilities include packaging, tagging, or labeling the cargo appropriately before dispatching it for shipping.

Shipper Definition - In The Field

Shippers understand and strive to acquire all the documentation required for a smooth, legal and successful shipping process. One of the common documents needed during the load-sending process is the bill of lading, which contains the essential load details, including pickup and delivery points. Once the cargo is ready for shipping, the shipper will find the most reliable carriers in the industry to ship the load timely and conveniently to its ultimate destination. They must consider the shipping costs, nature of the load, size, and weight when choosing the best carrier for the shipping operation

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