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Straight Truck Definition

What is the meaning of Straight Truck Definition?

Also known as a box or cube truck, a straight truck is a commercial vehicle with all its axles right from the cabin front to the back of the trailer attached to one frame. The trailer, driver’s cabin, and motor are all in one unit or chassis. A straight truck is almost the same as a tractor truck, only that a straight truck’s trailer is usually undetectable. In most cases, a fully loaded straight truck never exceeds the 26000 pounds’ weight limit.

Straight Truck Definition - In The Field

This makes it possible for them to be operated by truck drivers without a commercial driver’s license and is consequently a favorite option for most companies. Straight trucks come in numerous sizes based on the loads they need to transport. However, transportation companies that rely on them to ship loads own and provide them in 22, 24, and 26 feet lengths. Straight trucks come with higher GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) payload and curb weight than pickup trucks but are much less than tractor trucks. This means that you can use these vehicles to transport a load exceeding the weight of a pickup truck but less than a truck’s load.

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