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Trip/IRP Permits

What is the meaning of Trip/IRP Permits?

International Registration Plan (IRP) is an agreement authorizing registration in the US states and jurisdictions where commercial vehicles such as large trucks operate. Besides the 48 US states, this agreement also applies to Canadian provinces and the District of Columbia. Generally, once you get an IRP plan, you must always record and report the mileage traveled in every region and state and pay the accurate taxes for each jurisdiction. This must always be completed yearly.

Trip/IRP Permits - In The Field

If a driver is operating a large commercial truck outside their base state without an IRP plan, they must have temporary trip permits for the regions they are working in. You must register with IRP if your vehicle’s gross weight exceeds 26,000 lbs with three or more axles. You must also have an IRP plan if your truck and trailer combined weigh over 26000 lbs. However, drivers operating government-owned vehicles, chartered buses, recreational vehicles, and vehicles that never go beyond intrastate miles are exempted from registering an IRP.

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