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Wide Load Definition

What is the meaning of Wide Load Definition?

In the United States, any load wider than 8.5 feet (2.5m) is considered a wide load. Transporting such loads can be quite complicated and comes with various safety regulations and restrictions. Moving wide loads such as large agricultural, construction, military, or manufacturing equipment also means handling several permits and complying to a plethora of regulations. It requires specialized rigging and providing escorts when transporting the load locally, across the states, and even internationally.

Wide Load Definition - In The Field

The rules and requirements of moving a wide load vary in states and provinces. For instance, some regions might restrict the hauling of wide loads to daytime depending on their nature and size. But in some cases, you might need to move the cargo at night when there are fewer motorists on the road and, therefore, the minimum amount of traffic. It is, therefore, crucial to study and understand the specific wide load restrictions and requirements of the regions you will be traversing. Most importantly, you might want to hire renowned heavy hauling professionals for a smooth, safe, and timely shipping and delivery of your wide load.

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