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2024 New Brunswick Winter/Spring Frost Law Restrictions

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2024 New Brunswick Winter Frost/Spring Thaw Laws and Seasonal Weight Restrictions

In collaboration with Forest NB, the Department of Transportation Infrastructure (DTI) introduced a Winter Weight Program (WWP) in 2013. The program is scheduled for renewal for the upcoming winter season. This Winter Weight Program allows participants in the forest industry to carry increased weights on specific roads during frozen conditions.

Individuals are advised to refer to the Premium Routes list for route guidance for specific details, as the map is designed for general use only. Besides the listed routes on the official website, all routes prescribed under Part IV of Schedule B of NB regulation 2001-67 are also included in the winter weight program. The status of these routes, whether open or closed, will be determined based on the Zone in which they are situated.

Additionally, an important development in the vehicle advisory aspect occurred in 2015 when DTI evaluated the loading effects of various vehicle configurations. As a result, two specific vehicle combinations were chosen for winter premiums – a quadrem trailer combination and a tridem trailer combination. Individuals can navigate to the official Government of New Brunswick website for quick access to authorized vehicle configurations.

New Brunswick Overweight Restrictions

The geographical landscape is divided into four Winter Weight Zones, each characterized by similar temperature regimes. These zones will be monitored for changing weather patterns, determining their status as either open or closed for winter weights based on established procedures. Moving from north to south, the anticipated Winter Weight Premiums unfold as follows:

Zone 1 – A 7-week WWP from 2nd January to 20th February.

Zone 2 – A 3-week WWP occurring from 16th January to 6th February.

Zone 3 – A 2-week WWP scheduled from 23rd January to 6th February.

Zone 4 – The WWP potential for this zone is presently under review.

Participants must note that the Winter Weight Premium initiative is a pilot program exclusively for the forest industry. Those operating vehicles under this program must ensure they have a valid NCW3 or NCW4 permit to comply with the stipulated regulations. This comprehensive system ensures both the efficacy and regulatory adherence of the Winter Weight Program for the benefit of participants in the forest industry.