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2024 Nova Scotia Winter/Spring Frost Law Restrictions

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2024 Nova Scotia Winter Frost/Spring Thaw Laws and Seasonal Weight Restrictions

Spring weight restrictions in various Nova Scotia counties are lifted in April. The change will impact the flow of goods and services in Annapolis, Digby, Kings, Lunenburg, Queens, Shelburne, Yarmouth, Halifax, Hants, and Colchester South—defined as the area south of Highway 104, bound by Folly River to the west and the Pictou County line to the east.

Nova Scotia Oversize Restrictions

The classification of an “Oversized Load” is determined by specific dimensions. Vehicles are considered oversized if they exceed the following limits: a width of 8 feet 6.37 inches, a height of 13 feet 6 inches, and specific overhangs with a front limit of 4 feet and a rear limit of 10 feet. The length allowance for the trailer is up to 48 feet, and there are further distinctions based on axle configurations, such as Category 1A with a tridem drive limited to 23 meters (77 feet), A Train Double with a maximum length of 25 meters (82 feet), and B Train Double with a maximum length of 27.5 meters (90 feet).

Nova Scotia Overweight Restrictions

Conversely, the categorization of an “Overweight Load” in Nova Scotia depends on weight limits associated with various axle configurations. Single axles with dual tires have a weight limit of up to 9,100 kg (20,000 lb.), tandem axles can carry up to 18,000 kg (39,600 lb.), and the steering axle has a weight limit of 5,500 kg (12,100 lb.). For tractor-trailer combos with gross vehicle weight, the limit is 36,300 kg (80,000 lb.), while A Train configuration with 8 axles can weigh up to 53,500 kg (117,900 lb.), and B Train configurations with 8 axles have a limit of 58,500 kg (129,000 lb.).

Nova Scotia Winter Restrictions

To enhance user experience and foster transparency, the Department of Public Works has introduced the Spring Weight Road Restrictions application. This technological advancement is a valuable tool for all transportation planning and logistics stakeholders. It offers a user-friendly interface, and the application visually represents the seasonal restrictions imposed on all roadways owned by the province. Users can navigate through the map, gaining insights into the specific limitations applicable during this period. This innovative solution streamlines the information dissemination process and contributes to informed decision-making for businesses and individuals navigating the Nova Scotian road network.

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