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Millwright Services

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Everything You Need To Know About Millwright Services

Wide Load Shipping provides unmatched millwright services to keep the industry’s equipment working optimally. We use state-of-art technology to help deliver top-notch millwright services that will reduce your equipment wear and tear, prolong its life and reduce downtime. Whether you are relocating your company and need your equipment moved, defective parts replaced, or setting up a new plant, Wide Load Shipping millwright industrial services should be your first choice.

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Who’s a Millwright?

A Millwright is a thoroughly trained tradesman specialized in maintenance, installing, and repairing industrial and mechanical equipment and machinery. They assemble, dissemble and move heavy industrial equipment and install and align machinery components like valves, gears, drives, and bearings. Millwrights use their skills and hand tools like levels and hammers, welding, cutting, and brazing equipment to do their work. Sometimes, millwrights may use trucks and cranes to lift and move equipment to the desired location. Our advanced millwright services are dedicated to supporting your industrial machinery needs. We work with your safety staff, maintenance department, and engineers to provide the best solution to meet your high-end equipment needs.

Safety is our top priority when offering millwright services. Whether it’s a small or big project, we ensure our craftspeople maintain high safety standards. We provide our crew with the right equipment to optimally perform the task. They use lift trucks and forklifts, self-propelled crawler systems, and heavy haul tractor fleets to transport oversized loads. We use precision laser alignment to help align couplings and prevent seals and bearing damage. At Wide Load Shipping, we have the expertise and experience to ensure our millwright’s equipment services are performed to the highest quality.

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When to Consider a Millwright Services Company

Most companies hire millwright services only when purchasing new equipment or relocating a piece of existing machinery. However, the millwright’s expertise can be considered when you need repair work, emergency shutdown, replacing equipment parts, aligning and testing machines, precision alignment and leveling, setting and carrying out a maintenance plan, and building a strong foundation for the equipment. 

Our highly-trained millwrights can perform almost every millwright industrial service. They are qualified to work in manufacturing plants, factories, sawmills, pipe mills, power plants, and construction sites to install and repair machinery at the work site.

A millwrights service company provides skilled tradespeople to install, repair, maintain, dismantle, and relocate equipment. The millwrights determine the most appropriate work procedure for equipment installation and maintenance. They utilize specialized rigging to move and align machinery into place. Also, when necessary, millwrights take the role of mechanics, electricians, carpenters, welders, and fabricators to get the job done. 

At Wide Load Shipping, we work with a team of millwright professionals with expertise and experience in various manufacturing sectors. They understand that precision, efficiency, and safety are core to the success of every project.

Wide Load Shipping Millwright Services

Our comprehensive millwright services include the following:

  • Equipment moving, rigging, and lifting
  • Laser alignment
  • Equipment installation, repair, and parts replacement
  • Precision alignment and leveling
  • Equipment reassembling
  • Conveyor installation and maintenance
  • Welding and fabrications
  • Plant relocation
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a millwright service?

A millwright service is skilled work performed by tradespeople to install, maintain, and repair mechanical equipment and industrial machinery. They also dismantle, assemble and align equipment components.

Wide Load Shipping responds quickly and efficiently when you request our millwright services. Our technicians have the technical expertise to provide cost-effective and timely services to reduce process line breakdown.

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