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Specialized Load Transport Services

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Specialized Load Transport Services for all Oversize and Super Loads

Specialized transport is any transport that is usually a unique oversize or super load. This means it isn’t the standard equipment, such as general construction equipment or containers. Specialized transport is equipment that is often so large or oddly shaped, that it can’t be transported in the standard way. The team usually has to find the best way for it to fit on the trailer, optimizing safety. It also needs to be properly secured in a way that ensures it won’t come loose during transport. Something as simple as a tugboat can be considered a specialized transport, because it has to be dismantled in order to ship safely. 

Specialized loads require extra work, and depending on several factors, may require additional permits, which means they tend to cost a little more. Wide Load Shipping has transported oversize specialized loads for over twelve years. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to safely ship specialized freight. Whether it’s an oversize furnace, fuselage and wings, or any other miscellaneous equipment, Wide Load Shipping transports it safely and delivers on time. A dedicated transport agent will tell you everything you need to ship your specialized transport and give you an all-inclusive shipping quote with no hidden fees. Call now and get your specialized load transport quote today!