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Thaw restrictions.

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Thaw restrictions


We are working on this list. If you can help us complete it please leave comments with any applicable urls below for us and others. Thank you.


Alberta spring thaw law restrictions information.
British Columbia thaw law restrictions information.
Manitoba thaw law restrictions information.

2 Responses

  1. I was checking to see if there is a permit to purchase so our truck hauling Oats for Frito Lay (due to the railroad not able to do this)to be able to ignore the frost law.

    Thank you

    1. Sorry Becky but if there is a frost law travel restriction in effect then there is nothing that we’re aware of that will allow a load to travel if over the specified weight. For a good reason too; it permanently damages the road. Stress cracks are some times a good indication that this has happened in the past.

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