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North American Transport and Trucking Company

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North American Trucking Company

Oversize Load Transport Company In North America

Are you looking for a reliable trucking company to transport your oversized equipment within, to, or from North America? Wide Load Shipping is the best North American trucking and transport company. We have offered transport services in North America for over a decade, which has given us the knowledge and experience to serve you efficiently. Given our expertise, we can haul heavy and oversized equipment and machinery in North America safely and timely. In addition, we provide unmatched trucking and transport services for all overweight and oversize loads. So whether you want to ship agricultural, construction, mining, or specialized equipment in North America, we are the transport experts you can trust. Give us a call for any North American oversized and overweight transport services.

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Fully Insured Oversize Load Transport Services in North America

How To Choose a Reliable Oversize Load Transport Company in North America

Dealing with unreliable trucking and transport companies in North America can create unwanted delays and losses to your business. That’s why, when looking for a North American trucking and transport company, you should check its track record of hauling oversized and overweight loads. Also, you should ensure you’re working with a fully insured company qualified to provide trucking services in North America.

At Wide Load Shipping, we have a team of logistics specialists with the expertise to transport oversize loads to North America. We ensure every shipment is insured and has the right documents to avoid unnecessary delays and fines. We provide terminal-to-terminal, door-to-door, ground-to-port and port-to-port trucking services. Our attention to detail and experience transporting heavy loads to North America sets us apart from the competition. We ensure all our clients enjoy affordable and reliable trucking services.

Permits Required For Oversize Load Haul

Safe Oversize Load Hauling Services in the US

We understand that transporting oversized loads will be subject to different rules and regulations. We get all the necessary permits and insurance covers to protect your investment and avoid slowdowns. Our drivers are insured and experienced in shipping oversized equipment across every state and Canada. Our logistics experts and drivers know the best routes to deliver your load fast and safely. At Wide Load Shipping, we are transparent, responsive, and easy to work with. Our North American trucking and transport services include route planning, acquiring permits, assigning escort vehicles, loading and unloading, and securing transport. The cost for all these services is all-inclusive with no extra charges from what is included in your quote. You should work with a company that offers high-quality transport services for excellent trucking. We have heavily invested in modern equipment to make our trucking services efficient and cost-effective. Contact us today for unmatched North American transport and trucking services.

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Transport Your Load On The Right Trailer With Us

Double Drop Deck Trailer

Max Dimensions: 29FT Length, 8.5FT Width, and 11.5FT Height

Max Weight: 45,000LBS

Step Deck Trailer

Max Dimensions: 53FT Length, 8.5FT Width, and 11.5FT Height

Max Weight: 48,000LBS

Removable Gooseneck Trailer (RGN)

Max Dimensions: 53FT Length, 8.5FT Width, and 11.6FT Height

Max Weight: 150,000LBS

RGN trailer Illustration

Flatbed Trailer

Max Dimensions: 53FT Length, 8.5FT Width, and 8.5FT Height

Max Weight: 48,000LBS

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Professional North American Transport Services

Affordable Oversized Load Transport Services in North America

The cost of North American transport and trucking services varies from company to company. Our hauling services are all-inclusive without unnecessary and hidden fees. Every client is allocated a specific logistics agent who ensures every step of the process is followed to the letter and everything is done accordingly. In addition, our excellent customer service lets clients contact the agent assigned to their shipment anytime for updates until their heavy load is delivered.

When you choose Wide Load Shipping, a North American transport company, you can rest assured that your overweight or oversized load is in the right hands. We use specialized equipment designed to transport your specialized cargo. That reduces the risk of damage to your equipment or cargo during transit. In addition, our experienced drivers are trained to handle loads of all types. They have the skills to load the freight securely and navigate the roads safely. Get your quote today!