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Palletized Limestone Shipping & Transport Services

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Reliable Palletized Limestone Transport

Palletized Limestone Shipping Company Near You

Wide Load Shipping is the best company to work with anytime you want to transport palletized limestone. With over a decade of experience in the shipping industry, we’ve helped many clients transport palletized limestone safely, and we will do the same for you. You must start by booking by calling, filling out the short form on our website, or emailing us. Our specialists will process your shipping request and update you on progress until the load is safely delivered. Ensure the information you provide us is accurate so we offer you an accurate shipping estimate. We use different trailers to transport palletized limestone, including flatbeds and step decks. However, if you’re shipping palletized limestone during winter, we use enclosed trailers of vans to ensure it’s not soaked. Call Wide Load to get started. Our toll-free number is (877) 792-5056.

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How To Load and Unload Palletized Limestone

Types of Methods Used To Load Pallets

Depending on the number of pallets of limestone you’re shipping, we use side-by-side, turned, or pinwheeled loading methods. Each method is different, and the specialist handling your shipment can identify the most suitable one. When you book our palletized limestone shipping services, expect to work with a dedicated specialist who will identify a suitable trailer for transport, choose the loading method, acquire transport documents, and dispatch the shipment. Regardless of the loading, we ensure the space available is fully maximized to transport as many pallets of limestone as possible. If you’re shipping a few pallets of limestone, less than the truckload (LTL) method is the best option, and you only get to pay for the space occupied. However, the full truckload (FTL) method is ideal if your pallets fill a truck. Despite being slightly expensive, it’s the fastest mode of transport since the driver doesn’t have to make stops to deliver other loads. Call us for palletized limestone shipping services.

Different Types of Palletized Limestone

What Are the Uses of Palletized Limestone?

Limestone can be used as conduction material for road bases, building stones, and concrete aggregate. In addition, it’s used in farms to amend soil, neutralize acidity, and provide nutrients to crops. Furthermore, it’s used in water treatment and landscaping projects, among other ways. Limestone is delicate, and we ensure it’s handled carefully to avoid loss. The pallets make handling and transportation easier since they can easily be loaded and unloaded using forklifts, pallet jacks, and oyster-handling equipment. Below are the different types of limestone shipped by Wide Load Shipping. 

  •  Agricultural Grade Limestone
  • Construction Grade Limestone

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Transport Your Load On The Right Trailer With Us

Double Drop Deck Trailer

Max Dimensions: 29FT Length, 8.5FT Width, and 11.5FT Height

Max Weight: 45,000LBS

Step Deck Trailer

Max Dimensions: 53FT Length, 8.5FT Width, and 11.5FT Height

Max Weight: 48,000LBS

Removable Gooseneck Trailer (RGN)

Max Dimensions: 53FT Length, 8.5FT Width, and 11.6FT Height

Max Weight: 150,000LBS

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Flatbed Trailer

Max Dimensions: 53FT Length, 8.5FT Width, and 8.5FT Height

Max Weight: 48,000LBS

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Affordable Palletized Limestone Shipping Services

Timely Delivery of Palletized Limestone

The cost of shipping palletized limestone depends on the number of pallets, weight, dimensions, mode of transport, and distance, among other factors. For example, the further the delivery location from the pick-up location, the more you will pay due to high fuel consumption. We will do it regardless of where you need your palletized limestone picked and delivered. In addition, we offer expedited services at an extra cost for palletized limestone that needs to be delivered on short notice. Our team is experienced and will ensure all the regulations are met to guarantee the safety of your palletized limestone. Call Wide Load Shipping today to transport palletized limestone safely.