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2024 Yukon Winter/Spring Frost Law Restrictions

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2024 Yukon Winter Frost/Spring Thaw Laws and Seasonal Weight Restrictions

In Yukon, frost laws are enforced to regulate the permissible weights for commercial vehicles, encompassing axle weight, gross vehicle weight, and combination weight. The specific implementation dates of these regulations typically fall between late March and late May, varying based on weather conditions and thorough road assessments. Yukon Highways and Public Works (YHD) communicates these restrictions through diverse channels, including real-time updates on weight restrictions via the Yukon Open Data Portal, road condition information on 511 Yukon, and official notifications through news releases and social media platforms, such as @YukonRoads. 

Yukon Overweight Restrictions

Exceptions to standard weight limits may be considered under extraordinary circumstances, subject to approval by YHD. Permits can be issued for specific vehicles exceeding the conventional weight restrictions. Legal axle loading is 100 percent on all Yukon secondary roads, with specific weight limits on certain routes. For instance, the North Canol Road has a gross vehicle weight limit of 48,000 kg, and the South Canol Road limits vehicles to 41,000 kg, explicitly disallowing overweight vehicles.

The maximum legal weight without conditions varies according to vehicle configuration: Single-Unit Vehicle: 12,000 kg, Two-Unit Vehicle: 22,000 kg, Multi-Trailer Vehicle: 31,000 kg. Under supervision and compliance with specified travel conditions, these weights may be increased to: Single-Unit Vehicle: 19,000 kg, Two-Unit Vehicle: 34,000 kg, Multi-Trailer Vehicle: 47,000 kg. Travel conditions include maximum axle weights for all vehicles: Single Axle: 7,000 kg, Tandem Axle: 13,000 kg, Tridem Axle: 17,000 kg. Additionally, maximum permit weights are determined by calculating the reduced weight on certain axles below minimum spacing requirements. This calculation ensures adherence to legal and maximum weight allowances for axle configurations. The information is presented in prose form with a formal tone to ensure clarity and avoid plagiarism concerns.

Yukon Winter Travel Times and Signs

Travel on holidays is generally permitted unless otherwise specified on the permit. An over-dimensional vehicle must display a “WIDE LOAD,” “OVERSIZE,” or “D” banner measuring 240 cm to 245 cm in width and 30 cm in height. The banner should be mounted on the vehicle to ensure clear legibility from both the front and rear, with letters standing 20 cm high and made of retro-reflective material. Authorities can request vehicle examinations and tests to ensure compliance with applicable statutes. Any person is prohibited from operating a vehicle on a highway with an improperly secured load, considering prevailing highway and weather conditions. Failure to adequately secure a load or allow it to become a hazard constitutes an offense.

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