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Choosing the right equipment shipping company

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Choosing the right equipment shipping company for your project.

Let’s face it. Today with all of the choices available and people that will try almost anything to make more money consumers need to be very careful when it comes to choosing the right equipment shipping company. Not only does one have to consider the bottom line number but hidden fees as well as quality of service. If the equipment you’re shipping is valued at $350,000 and the transport company only has $100,000 in insurance, how much is the additional amount going to cost you? Or what if your equipment is over 102″ wide, does the number they gave you include the cost of state trucking permits? Pilot cars? Per diem? There are many questions to be answered other than “what is your bottom line number” when deciding what equipment mover to choose from. Many companies have been in the business for years while others have no experience at all with shipping equipment. In this article we’ll cover the basics on what to consider when trying to choose the right trucking company for your job.

Choosing the right equipment shipping company.
Make sure you do your research first before deciding.

The things you want to know about.

Really choosing the right equipment shipping company is not that hard. You have a list of trucking companies that have contacted you since you posted your shipment using our free & easy service so what’s next? First make sure all of the companies on your list can meet your pick up date and times. Then, if your equipment is valued at more than the minimum required amount of $100,000 then which company has insurance that covers the value of your equipment? Ask. There are some must learn tricks about equipment shipping insurance so make sure you know them first or it is quite possible this might be the experience of a lifetime and trust me you don’t want that. Once you have this issue cleared up and out of the way you have to find out about the company. How long have they been in business? How is their safety rating? Have they been in very many accidents or are they really a legitimate company to begin with. After all this is the “internet”. For doing research on carriers there is absolutely no better tool than the one we’ve built and it’s absolutely 100% free. Industry professionals all over North America like pilot car companies, freight brokers and even manufacturers use it to easily look up information on companies they haven’t worked with before. It’s called the SaferTool. What SaferTool does is runs queries on the FMCSA’s database which is next to impossible to do online as there are so many functions it’s next to impossible to get information from it so we simplified that process a few years back and we get free advertising out of the deal. Not from anything you wouldn’t approve of just the design of it (see the screen shot). Anyway, grab this light tool and run reports on the companies you are thinking about working with. That will help you out immensely.

The next thing a person who is going to be shipping equipment needs to think about is getting your item ready to ship. We cover preparation for equipment shipping for our readers as well. We hope you have founds this article useful and will continue to deliver to our readers.

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