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Michigan oversize trucking permits

Michigan oversize trucking permits.

oversize trucking permits as well as over-weight

Save money DIY trucking permits. Oversize and over-weight.

Getting your own oversize trucking permits in Michigan is easy. DIY trucking permits.

No doubt about it if you’re looking to make some cuts in this economy so your company can operate more efficiently you are barking up the right tree. With technology advancements the way there are state DOT offices started looking for ways they could save money and they found it. Have a computer issue a oversize or overweight trucking permit rather than a human being that needs money and insurance. Of course this isn’t something your current trucking permit provider really wants you to know, or they will minimise it. But the truth is you can get them from the state just as easy as you can from them. Remember, it’s the same information. The trucking permit company just forwards it along with their fee of $30 to $60 so they’re making money. If you need 10 states, well you get it. It adds up quick and your company stands to save tens of thousands of dollars a year, that’s why you are here. So…

You can quickly get set up with Michigan DOT and  might already be.

Yes that’s correct. In order for the trucking permit company to get permits for you they have to send in your insurance and DOT authority so if you been issued a permit from Michigan you are already in their system. One way or the other were going to find out. So you can start by following these directions:

  • Read this document from the state website – MDOT.
  • Call Michigan DOT permit office: 517-241-3757 website.

Please comment below. We’re having a hard time collecting data for this state at the moment, thank you!

Massachusetts oversize trucking permits

Massachusetts oversize trucking permits

Massachusetts oversize trucking permits.

oversize trucking permits as well as over-weight

Save money DIY trucking permits. Oversize and over-weight.

Do it yourself (DIY) Massachusetts oversize trucking permits are easy.

Get ready for this. If you are reading this then you are on your way to saving yourself a potential huge chunk of money on a monthly basis and surely yearly. Oversize trucking permit providers don’t want you to know this so they’re not doing to tell you. In todays digital world it easy for anyone to get trucking permits. Back in the day is was hard and took a lot of work so you had to have a permit agent but these days it’s different. A lot different. Basically the state DOT office MASSDOT realized that is they could have a computer take care of the trucking permits for them then they could cut a few jobs and save a lot of money and they did. Now, all the trucking permit company does it forwards your information straight over to the state, tacks on $30 to $60 and says thanks! It’s their business. All of this is just another spoke in the wheel for a trucking company that is moving oversize and heavy haul loads but once you get used to it you will sure be happy you did as you’ll save thousands if not much more.

You can start getting your trucking permits going in just a few minutes.

So yea, it’s really that easy. We’ll show you how to get your trucking company hooked up and self issuing permits in just a few easy steps. Just follow the links below:

  • Get your trucking company registered in the MASSDOT online truck permit system here – click the “register now” link to get your company rolling. If you would like you can view the fees.
  • Or if you’d like you can use their one time permit form.
  • Kick back and relax. MASSDOT state permit software is trying to get you approved at this very moment.

It’s hard to believe it’s that easy but it is. There are still a few states like TN and a few others that require you to have a bond and all of that but for the most part they’re a thing of the past. If you would like to share this with others simply click the green button above. If you would like to share your expertise or experience with MASSDOT with our other viewers please do so below. Thanks for using our service!


Maryland oversize trucking permits

Maryland oversize trucking permits.

oversize trucking permits as well as over-weight

Save money DIY trucking permits. Oversize and over-weight.

Do it yourself oversize and overweight trucking permits for Maryland.

Getting oversize or overweight trucking permits for your company from the state of Maryland DOT office isn’t as hard as you think. In fact self issued trucking permits is a service that is here to stay. Not exactly what a trucking permit provider just can’t wait to tell you. They’d rather that you not know since this is their cash cow. Since the internet is obviously here to stay state highway departments have figured out how to use this technology to their advantage. If it can be done by a computer why pay someone to do it? So what happens is all of the information that you have to supply to the private trucking permit company is just forwarded to the state with a nice $30 to $60 fee tacked on to it for you to absorb and live goes on. So why not simply deal directly with the Maryland DOT (MDOT) yourself and save a boat load of cash this year? Not a bad idea.

You can start self issuing your own Maryland oversize trucking permits in no time.

That’s right. Follow the simple steps below and you are on your way to saving your transport company hundreds if not tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a small learning curve and you have to get set up but once you do the rewards are well worth it. This is just another spoke in the wheel when it comes to moving equipment and machinery in the oversize trucking market. Follow these simple steps:

  • If you don’t care about setting up an account online and just want to fill out a permit and fax it in you can find the application here. Includes blanket permits as well.
  • If you’d prefer to get your company set up with a permanent online account with MDOT you can get that rolling here. Click on “Guest Login” if it is your first time. Note: You are no longer required to have a credit bond, escrow or letter of credit, they simply charge your card. You can view their fees.
  • That’s it. Kick back and relax, a Maryland state DOT worker is getting your trucking permit approved as quickly as possible.

Now that is a way to save some serious money. DIY oversize and overweight trucking permits is easy. If you would like to share this page with others simply click the button above and if you have any advice for our other visitors please let it below for them and thanks for visiting us.

Preparing your equipment for shipping

Preparing your equipment for shipping.

Preparing your equipment for shipping is very important. There are many things that will need your attention. The first thing to consider it public safety since it will be shipped over public roads and highways. You will need to make sure that nothing can come off of your equipment and cause an accident. This includes personal items within the operator cockpit or even things like seat cushions or panels that might fly off when subjected to the high winds during transport. Once your sure that nothing can come off of your equipment you will want to move on to the larger tasks. At this point we’re figuring that you have already completed the following steps:


Preparing your equipment for shipping.

Preparing your shipment for transport is vital.

Your equipment is almost ready to ship but you’re not done yet.

Now that you’re this far it’s time to close this deal by making sure you are prepared with a few final items. Many people jump the gun on this step and go with whatever shipping company that gave them a lowest shipping quote. But there’s usually much more to the process. We’ll go over a short list of considerations for you;

  • Does your equipment need to be loaded onto the truck via crane or does it have wheels? If it has wheels don’t assume that the driver of the truck knows how to operate it. Make sure you have a equipment operator on site.
  • Does your equipment have fuel in the tanks or other flammables that are required by law to be removed? Many states require that you completely empty to fuel tanks on tractors, dozers, etc.
  • Some states require dozers exclusively be shipped with the blade detached. What’s your case?
  • Can the height of your equipment be reduced to save you on shipping and transport costs?

You will also want to make sure that you have created a lading bill for the driver of the equipment shipping company. You can ship anything over the road without a bill of lading. You will at some point be required by the equipment transport company to sign a transportation agreement. Make sure you read this document in its entirety and have them initial and re-send or fax you can copy of the revisions. They absolutely revise it as it’s their contract so don’t take “no” for an answer if you think you may be affected by it. Your having those thoughts for a reason.

Make sure you are prepared to load your equipment that needs to be shipped.

Remember if you delay a equipment shipping company beyond the amount of time specified on the transportation agreement you will be liable for truck detention time fees that are billed additionally. Being prepared means that you have done everything possible to prevent this. So, at the loading site make sure you have extra stuff. Make sure that if you are loading a dozer or loader or equipment with tires or tracks that you have discussed the issue of ramps with your shipper. Does the trailer have ramps? If not do you have ramps or a pile of dirt they can back up to that will serve as ramps? Do you have extra lumber to block with? A saw to cut lumber with? Duct tape, baling wire and anything else you can think of to account for the unaccountable? Odds are you’re going to need it. There’s nothing like being truly prepared, especially with equipment shipping.

Our 100% guarantee.

Our approval 100%




Halas Heavy Haul

Halas Heavy Haul

Looks cold out there.

Maine oversize trucking permits

Maine oversize trucking permits.

oversize trucking permits as well as over-weight

Save money DIY trucking permits. Oversize and over-weight.


Do it yourself oversize and over-weight trucking permits for Maine.

Maine oversize trucking permits and over-weight as well are fairly easy to order online. Just like any broker that makes 10% or who knows what of your line haul for having the customer, oversize and over-weight trucking permit providers are making their share by charging oversize and heavy haul trucking companies a fee to fill out a very simple state form with all of your information on it and send it in. In the case of Maine trucking permits it’s pretty simple. All you do is go to a page they have online, fill in all of the blanks using type over in a browser window and hitting the print button. Even if your company does not have a printer or a remote printer in the truck it sure would be a good investment to get one. It could save you thousands on this trip, this month and tens of thousands of dollars a year. Since technology is getting better and better each and every day many state permit offices are understanding that an automated trucking permit application process can save them serious man hours which means saving big money. What this means to you is that filing for oversize and over-weight trucking permits just got a whole lot easier!


You can start filing for your Maine oversize and trucking permits today!

To get your company up and rolling in the do it yourself trucking permits game in Maine state all you have to do is:

  • Fill out this application or create an account with InforME and do them online.
  • Print the application.
  • Fax it over to the Maine permits office.
  • Kick back and relax as Maine state workers are scurrying to get you approved!

Notes: Make sure you enter your company information exactly and accurately. Maine is pretty reluctant to make changes to oversize or over-weight trucking permits that have already been submitted for processing so do not be in a big hurry filling them out.  Wait until you have all of the information, then enter it with care and you’ll be on your way to saving big time money in no time!

Adding a icon image in from section of email

Adding a icon image in the “from” section of my email.

Author: Michael Rader
November 8, 2013

Have you ever got an email and saw icons in the “from” section of the email? I have. I got an email today on my iPhone 4s that had two airplane images on both sides of the email address from the person who sent it to me. I was amazed. How did they do this? So I set out to do the research on it. I was unable to produce any results from searching “adding a icon image” or “email from icon” or “image in from section of email” so I figured I would fully research this technology and share it with others. Here is what the email I got from an associate looked like:

icon image from section email

Clearly there are image icons in this email message I got on my iPhone 4.

As it turns out this is only a feature that is capable of showing up in an iPhone. But there is surprisingly very little about it published on the web. I would think that something this cool would make everyone want to have it. It would be the latest big craze but I guess I was wrong. So I write this article for those of you like me appreciate the smaller things in life. I was hoping to be able to place a semi-truck with a heavy haul mover trailer next to my name in our outbound company emails. Outlook express does not support this ability. We even researched trying to place a snippet of code in the header of the message or in the email message properties. No luck. Here is another version of the icon image below.

In the from line of your email message.

Two cool looking airplane icons on each side of the name of the sender of this e-mail message.

Getting your image to display properly next to your name.

If you know how to get these fancy images to display next to your name placed in an email message we sure would like to hear from you. Is this specific to a certain network of email senders only? The only occasion that we we have seen this on is in the images displayed on this page. Since this e-mail came to us obviously from the LinkedIn domain it is possible

Email image icon on the senders from line.

Here is yet another example of a icon that is next to the senders name in a e-mail.

 that the only way for this is to be done and displayed properly is if one: it was sent from a profile from within LinkedIn and two: it was received on an iPhone. We tried forwarding this message to our inbox using Outlook Express and it would not show up. It showed two squares in place of the icon image next the senders name.

Closing in on the technology that does this.

In any event it sure is neat technology. We just got told by a co-worker that LinkedIn did infact just release a new service called “Intro” for all of their users in an effort to expand as they are getting more popular these days. The new Intro service will show recipients with iPhones the senders LinkedIn profile within the body of the email being sent so the person receiving it does not have the leave the environment of the email or open a web browser link to see more information about them like their title and workplace as well as their profile picture. If the recipient chooses to they can click a link that will display more information about them that they have placed on their main profile.  If you are interested in trying the Intro service you can do so for free from your iPhone. If you would like to check it out you can watch their promo video. They have also recently released a newly designed app for iPad users that will allow you to simply make a sliding motion on your screen in order to view that users full profile or request a connection. They are also pumping up their job market service for people who are looking for employment as more users move towards using mobile technology for these types of searches.

A quick note on other developments.

LinkedIn has also said that they plan on releasing a new integration service that will use the Pulse app the will detail industry specific news topics and discussions. This new service does not have a release date yet but it should be fairly soon as their popularity increases daily.

Back the the image icons next to your name.

We have to admin that we have not tried the new app to see if it places the cool looking email image icon next to your senders name section (the from line) in your email messages sent. But you can bet one thing for sure. We’re going to try. Please leave your comments for others below.




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