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2024 Prince Edward Island Winter/Spring Frost Law Restrictions

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2024 Prince Edward Island Winter Frost/Spring Thaw Laws and Seasonal Weight Restrictions

Commencing around March, the imposition of spring weight restrictions on Island roads is mandated. For roads designated as all-weather, including routes 1 and 2, vehicles are authorized to transport goods up to their maximum allowable weight, with no exceptions for overweight loads. Conversely, on other roads, vehicles are limited to carrying 75 percent of their maximum allowable weight, strictly adhering to the posted weight limit for the respective road.

Winter Travel Times in Prince Edward Island

Travel is sanctioned on Saturdays and Sundays but is confined to daylight hours. Notably, restrictions may differ for overweight moves, prohibiting overweight permits during the spring weight restrictions, and allowing solely for indivisible loads. However, travel remains unrestricted on holidays. In instances where loads exceed 12 feet, a lead pilot on a single-lane highway is obligatory, escalating to the requirement of both a lead and a trailing pilot for loads surpassing 16 feet on single-lane highways. On multi-lane highways, a trail vehicle is mandated for all loads exceeding 12 feet. Furthermore, loads between 10 and 12 feet may traverse multi-lane highways at night, provided a trail vehicle accompanies them.

Prince Edward Island Pilot Car and Escort Vehicle Requirements

In the context of height considerations, no escorts are necessitated for loads exhibiting solely height variations. For loads extending beyond 90 feet on single-lane highways, a trail vehicle becomes mandatory. Night travel on multi-lane highways is permissible for loads up to 98 feet 5 inches, while loads exceeding this length mandate the inclusion of a trail vehicle on all highways. Regarding overhang, a front overhang exceeding 10 feet necessitates a lead pilot, and a rear overhang exceeding the same measurement mandates a trail vehicle, applicable on all highways.

Trip and Fuel Permits in Prince Edward Island

For compliance with motor fuel use tax obligations, the acquisition of a Single Trip Fuel Permit in each jurisdiction of travel is advised. In Prince Edward Island, these permits are obtainable at the highway scale entry point. Prior contact with other jurisdictions is recommended to ascertain their specific requirements. Controlling the specified regulations incurs penalties, with fines ranging from a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $500, applicable on summary conviction for driving a vehicle, including its load and contents, with a height above 4.15 meters without a permit. 

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