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Oversize truck driver training school.

Oversize truck driver training school.

Are you itching to learn how to drive for a heavy haul or oversize trucking company? Then you may be in the right place. WideloadShipping will start taking applications for our first rounds of classes. The class will be a entry level comprehensive training class that lasts for 9 full days covering all general aspects of heavy haul and oversize truck driving. We will start with trailer types and loading and progress all the way to the road with each student behind the wheel.

Truck driver training.

Heavy haul training school is where it’s at!

Here are a few highlights of our program.

  • Covering all flat oriented trailer types.
  • Truck and trailer inspection prior to loading.
  • Truck and trailer servicing with a 5 point plan
  • Loading procedures with emphasis on safety.
  • Proper load securing procedures and safety guidelines.
  • Mathematics, geometry and calculating turn radius and vertical climbing and descending.
  • Heavy haul, wideload, tall loads and long loads, axles weights and configurations
  • The overhead safety factor.
  • Permits, police, pilot cars and public safety (the 4 P’s).
  • Routing 101 what to do and not do – who’s the boss?
  • Driving in unison with pilot cars and escort vehicles.
  • Weather, visibility, advanced road safety and calling it quits.
  • Lane changes, shoulder safety, traffic and speeds.
  • Private course driving test and final on public roads with a live load.

All applicants will be responsible for the following during the 9 full days of training:

  • Getting to the class location – for locations see below.
  • Showing up on time during the class hours. Full attendance on all 9 days is mandatory.
  • Each student is responsible for his or her own transportation.
  • Each student is required to have a valid CDL license in order to complete driving studies.
  • We will provide a shuttle from your hotel room to class site and returning once daily.
  • Each student is responsible for their own meals. We will provide a meat based FDA approved lunch on all 9 days. Our lunch is not mandatory and break hours are from 12 noon until 1 PM. We do not run lunch shuttle services.
  • Students are responsible for any personal items including toiletries.

We supply each student with the following:

  • Local motel suggestions (ie: Best Western) for 9 nights total. We do ask that teams pair up but it is not mandatory.
  • Shuttle from class locations and return at days end.
  • Trucks and trailers as well as safety equipment.
  • Optional lunch on all class days.
  • All stationary and texts.
  • *Certificate of completion upon successful completion of the course.

Upon successful completion of our course you will feel confident with driving a wideload shipment up to 16′ in width. That is almost double the legal maximum of 8′ 6″. You will feel comfortable with driving a rig that weighs 250,000 pounds overall weight.

We do not schedule a class until we have 10 applicants as this is the minimum number of students required per course. We prefer to keep our classrooms small and are limited to 25 applicants total. Special arrangements can be made for larger classes please specify in your e-mail. Once we start to reach the minimum class size we will notify everyone of a start date and move forward. Within 10 days of date notification each student is required to place a $500 deposit. The balance of your tuition is due upon arrival at the latest. We only accept checks for payment. Total class cost for the 9 day course is $6,000. Ask us about our discount packages and corporate rates.

*Every student that attends our class is not guaranteed to graduate. Testing is based in 3 parts: knowledge, ability and safety. Each student must have a single minimum score of 90% (A-) or a combined total of 275 points out of 300 total to pass. We will not endorse any person that is not A grade to perform at this level on a public road or highway. All test questions are covered thoroughly in our classrooms or in the field.

Locations: We have the option of having the class in Oklahoma, Kansas and Oregon. We will schedule the location based on the needs of the majority of our students and notify you on agreed upon location as soon as get close to filling up.

At this time we do not offer financial aid. We are working on a federal program that will allow is to offer this to our students but it is not in place at this time.

Corporate discount: This is our corporate discount rate. We offer all of our students the same opportunities. Our scheduled rate for this class is $6,000 for each student. Contact us for more information on Corporate discounts.

Get on the list. Just let us know you are interested and a good time to call!

2017 Classes – we hope to have our next class in Sept. Contact us now and get on the list. As soon as we have enough we will schedule it ASAP!