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Aircraft shipping insurance.

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Author: Michael Rader

You want to make sure that your aircraft is fully insured when transporting it over the road. More than likely your insurance that you currently have does not cover transportation of your craft over the road by third-party. In many cases you can simply have the carrier tie your aircraft into their existing cargo insurance. There are a few pointers that you should know about this in order to properly ensure it. Here are the basic steps. Trucking companies are required by the federal government to maintain a minimum of $100,000 in cargo insurance. So you are theoretically covered for that amount in the unfortunate event your aircraft was damaged. One thing that a lot of people don’t know about and that gets overlooked is that you need to have your name listed as a certificate holder on the moving companies ensure certificate by their insurance company. Once you’ve done this you can relax and know that your aircraft is fully insured while being transported down the road.

  1. Once you have decided on a particular company the ship your item ask them to back you a copy of their “package”. this is a commonly used term within the industry and basically means that you are asking them for their federal authority, insurance certificate and their W-9.
  2. once they had done this simply call the insurance company listed on the certificate and tell him that you would like to be listed as a certificate holder. They will then ask you who is the insured. Tell them whatever name of the trucking company that you decided to hire. The name should be clearly listed on the certificate. The insurance company is going to want to immediately get you a copy of this so be prepared to have a fax number. You can set up a free fax account online that will automatically forward faxes to your e-mail.
Aircraft shipping insurance
It’s important you have aircraft shipping insurance when shipping over the road.

If you need to purchase additional insurance the carriers insurance company will offer you whatever deal they have an order to purchase additional insurance. Usually this is pretty affordable and not much more than $20 per additional $100,000 of insurance purchased. this pretty much covers you in the area of aircraft shipping insurance so you got nothing to worry about. As mentioned before you can check out any transportation companies history by using our SaferTool. You can also learn more about how to select the right aircraft shipping company by reading our guide. Or you can get a free quote from multiple shipping companies that are professionals and aircraft shipping by using our service.

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