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Flatbed Trailer Transport Services

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Transporting Oversize Loads on Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are used for a variety of equipment shipping options. A flatbed trailer is exactly as the name implies–a trailer with a flat platform to carry anything from LTL loads to heavy loads. Equipment can be loaded from the back or either side, making it a common option for wide loads, over-length loads, and more. Standard flatbeds are 48’-53’ long with a bed that sits anywhere from 42” – 60” high. Ramps can also be used to load any heavy equipment that’s drivable. Flatbed trailer transport is a great option for anything from skid steer loaders to mobile homes. Thanks to their ability to adapt to different shipping needs,  flatbed trailers are one of the most commonly used for oversize load transport. 

Wide Load Shipping has access to quality flatbed trailers in every state. Your dedicated Wide Load Shipping agent will determine if a flatbed best suits your oversize load needs. Every flatbed trailer transport driver has the experience needed to secure your heavy equipment. Your transport agent will handle the route survey, obtain permits, ensure the paperwork is taken care of and more. Wide Load Shipping has everything you need for a quality and safe flatbed trailer transport. Call today and get your flatbed trailer shipping rate. 


Illustrations and Dimensions of Flatbed Trailers

Max Weight: 48,000 pounds 

Max Length 53 ft. 

Max Width 8.5 ft. 

Max Height 8.5 ft.

Standard Dock Height: 4 ft. off the ground. 


Towing Flatbed Trailers

If you need to tow your flatbed trailer, Wide Load Shipping will get it done. We provide trailer stacking services, meaning your flatbed trailer is safely transported on another. This is usually done when your trailer is not roadworthy for some reason. Another option is power only transport. Wide Load Shipping will provide a truck and driver, who will then hitch your flatbed to their rig, and drive it to the destination. We provide flatbed trailer towing services in all fifty states. Ready to tow your flatbed? Call now and one of our expert transport agents will get it shipped!


Types of Flatbed Trailers for Oversize Loads

While standard flatbeds are one of the most common, they are the baselines for other types of heavy load trailers. For example, removable gooseneck trailers (RGNs), step deck trailers, and lowboy trailers are all considered to be a form of flatbed. Each type of flatbed trailer has its own unique features that work for specific oversize load types. To find out the best flatbed trailer to ship your heavy equipment, speak with a Wide Load Shipping agent today!