Equipment shipping insurance.

Equipment shipping quotes.

You absolutely want to make sure whatever kind of equipment you are moving that it is 100% insured. Most of the time the actual value of your piece of equipment (meaning what you paid for it) is less that $100,000 dollars which can be covered using the transport companies insurance but in the case there your cargo exceeds this value you are going to want to make sure it is additionally insured.

Equipment shipping insurance.

Equipment transport insurance is smart.

Do you really need insurance for transporting your equipment?

Absolutely. There are many reasons for having insurance while your item is in transport. Liability for one. What if your axles came apart and your equipment came off of the deck of the truck and hurt someone? Well, who is responsible? The shipping company? Maybe, but what if there lawyers ask why the axle cam off? Huh? Yea, it’s your axle. Did you do the quarterly maintenance on the axle as suggested in the owners manual? Hey, there are a million different things that can go wrong during the course of transporting any kind of equipment. You need to make sure your rear is covered. Insurance.

Let’s go over the basics of transport insurance.

A trucking company or equipment transporter that is for hire has a DOT number. The federal government manages these numbers. In order to get one a transport company that is for hire has to have a minimum of $100.000 in cargo insurance. Now, just because your equipment is loaded onto their truck does not mean you are covered. So, here’s what you want to do:

  1. Ask your equipment hauler for their “package”. This is an industry wide terms that means you are asking for their W-9, insurance certificate and a copy of their federal authority.
  2. Call the insurance company off of the insurance certificate and tell them you would like to be listed as a “certificate holder”. They will ask “who is the insured” and you tell them the name of the equipment hauler you choose to use.
  3. They will then ask you for a fax number (get a free one) (some can do via e-mail) and send you a new copy of the certificate with your name on it.
  4. This is about as close to good as you can get. If you need additional coverage you can discuss prices with them but make sure you actually do the purchasing of the additional amount through your transport company.

It’s just as easy as that.

Now you don’t have to worry about other travelers on the road, your piece of equipment or anything else. When choosing the right transport company to do your equipment shipping it is important to consider any hidden costs. If the carrier has the minimum amount of insurance required and you have to purchase additional to cover the price that you paid for it then another hauler that gave you a higher quote may have actually been the wiser choice as ti may have been cheaper in the long run by choosing the other shipping company. You can learn about how to select the right equipment shipping company by reading our guide on that topic.

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Equipment shipping quotes.



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