How to ship international freight

If you need to ship your freight internationally it’s really not that hard. The most difficult part about international shipping is making sure that you have the right customs broker on the receiving end. Sometimes finding a customs broker that is honest with good rates can prove difficult to say the least. One of the things to be weary of is shipping companies in the United States and in general are eager to get your business. So let’s say you’ve got a 40 foot ocean container filled with your items and you want to get it to Australia. So all a company has to do is transport to container to the port have it clear an inspection and it’s on its way. So they get paid and are finished with you. But then the container shows up at the destination and you don’t have all your ducks lined up with the proper customs broker and you’re in trouble. Or the fee that the initial company that moved it for you to the freight terminal quoted you a lower number for clearing customs than what it really is. So when shipping freight internationally the main focus is to get a good customs brokerage company. One that is reliable and then around for a long time. One good tool out of many is to check and see it they are certified by the IFCBA or International Federal of Customs Brokers Association. Getting what ever it is your shipping internationally to a port is the easy part and this is important to remember. There have been thousands of cases where a person shipped something thinks that clearing customs is only going to be a few hundred dollars only to find out that because they had something in a certain classification that there was an import tariff or tax on that particular item and the fee was $3000. That’s a far cry from $300 and could hang and unprepared person out to dry. If you ever have questions comments or concerns about international shipping we are more than happy to give you advice. While many of the companies that will give you multiple quotes on our load board do ship internationally and are qualified to do so you still want to focus your attention on asking them exactly what is going to happen when your product reaches its destination.

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