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Broker Definition

What is the meaning of Broker Definition?

Generally, a freight broker is a middleman connecting customers with qualified and reliable carriers to haul the cargo. They broker deals with various shippers in the industry and then organize for smooth shipment transportation. Brokers must maintain open communication lines with the carriers making it possible to update the shipper on the load state and shipping progress. Freight brokers can work independently or be a part of a freight broker company. Essentially, they facilitate the transportation and tracking of the cargo transported by the carrier.

Broker Definition - In The Field

In most cases, shippers might lack the time and experience to find and evaluate a carrier’s ability to perform the shipping task. That is precisely why you need freight brokers to connect you with shipping companies that offer the top quality shipping services. Brokers can either be asset-based or non asset-based. Asset-based freight brokers have invested in their own shipping equipment required to store and haul loads. On the other hand, none-asset freight brokers do not own shipping equipment and mostly work as intermediaries between shippers and carrier companies shipping their cargo.

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