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What is the meaning of Carrier?

A shipping carrier plays a vital role in transporting loads from their pick-up to drop-off points. Generally, shipping carriers deliver cargo from a shipper (the party sending out the goods) to the consignee (the person receiving the freight). There are several types of carriers, distinguished based on the size of the cargo they transport. For instance, some carriers focus on transporting full truck loads (FTL), which can fill an entire shipping container. Other carriers focus on transporting less than truck loads, involving numerous shippers sharing the same shipping containers and cost-sharing the expenses. Carriers can also be distinguished based on where they ship. They can be local, domestic, or international.

Carrier - In The Field

Carriers specializing in wide load trucking must be skilled and experienced in handling and shipping such huge loads. They must also have all the necessary permits and documentation and have escort or pilot cars to guide them through the shipping process. Permits, laws, and regulations differ with various states, and carriers must study and understand the rules specific to their state or region of operation.

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