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What is the meaning of Consignor?

A consignor is a company or individual responsible for organizing shipping operations. This could be the seller or an exporter shipping goods from one pick-up to delivery points. Once goods are bought, the consignor will receive the consignee details, after which they find a reliable carrier to ship the load to its final destination. Ideally, a shipper (consigner) sends the load through the carrier, who then transports it to the recipient (consignee).

Consignor - In The Field

Consignors maintain the ownership or title of the consignment until it is finally delivered to its accurate destination. Sometimes, the consignor might be the seller of the goods being transported, while other times, they can be an agent who is not the owner of the goods. But why not only refer to these shipping parties as shippers and recipients? Well, ideally, the cargo is transported on consignment. Besides arranging for the transportation of goods to the consignee in a safe, timely manner, a consignor is also responsible for ensuring that the consignee makes their payments accurately and on time. They also resolve any issues and complaints that might arise from the consignor.

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